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How a Fence Supply Near Me Can Lead to the Right Choice in Westchester County and Orange County, NY

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Making an informed choice when choosing a fence will result in a satisfactory outcome that meets your aesthetic and practical needs. Here’s how a search for a “fence supply near me” can lead to the right fence choice in Westchester County and Orange County, NY.

How a Fence Supply Near Me Can Lead to the Right Fence Choice in Westchester County and Orange County, NY

A fence option that meets your budget is not the only choice that needs to be made. You also need to consider local zoning regulations that may affect fence height; HOA restrictions; and site challenges such as steep slopes that could make installing a particular style of fence impractical.

Finally, consider the life cycle of the fence: Will it require regular maintenance such as staining or painting? Will it be adequate for your present as well as emerging needs (such as fencing a property for a large dog, and then acquiring a new puppy after Fido crosses the Rainbow Bridge)? While there’s a lot to consider, taking your time to make the best fencing choices will pay off in the long run.

Your Needs

Do you need privacy? Is visual appeal a top priority for your new fence? Do you need to contain a pet? Do you need a secure fence around a pool or sport court? Do you need to increase security around your home and outdoor living spaces?

Generally, you’ll want to consider both your needs and wants. For example, privacy fencing can seem to be a “do it all” solution that makes your backyard feel cozier, keeps pets and kids safe, and discourages intruders. However, privacy fencing may not be aesthetically pleasing to some people. Some people don’t like the closed-in feeling while others think of it as intimate and cozy. Some people will want to know what you’re hiding; others will celebrate the fact that you value your privacy. If privacy is your first priority, however, then those concerns may not be an issue for you.

If you need security most of all for your new fence installation, then an aluminum fence would give your landscape an elegant look.

If your priority is to contain pets, then choose a style of fence that you like, since wood, aluminum, and vinyl privacy fencing could work. Take into account the height of the fence and whether your dog is a digger.

Do You Actually Have a Choice?

Some homeowner’s associations dictate the type of fence that is allowed, which significantly restricts your choices in materials, styles, and heights. Not following HOA guidelines can lead to legally enforceable fines.

Consider Maintenance and Repair Costs

Wood fencing is gorgeous. However, beauty comes at a price. Even if you want your wood to weather naturally to a silvery gray, eventually an unfinished fence can deteriorate in our relatively wet climate, which will necessitate replacement. Regularly sealing the fence can extend its life.

Vinyl and aluminum fencing requires little ongoing maintenance, which is a big draw for many homeowners. However, both vinyl and aluminum fencing can be more difficult to repair—you may need to replace an entire section even if just one picket or board is damaged.

Ease of Installation

When you choose a helpful fence supply company, any type of fence you want (wood, vinyl, or aluminum) will be straightforward to install. If you’re relatively handy and up for the work of building a DIY fence, your job will be made easier knowing that premade fence panels snap together securely—as long as your posts are properly set, installation can be a “snap.”


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