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How a Wood Fence Can Shield Your Yard From Prying Eyes in Orange County and Westchester County, NY

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Privacy fencing can be one of the most important functional and aesthetic features of your entire property. If you’re wondering which material to choose for a privacy fence, this article will focus on how a wood fence can shield your yard from prying eyes in Orange County and Westchester County, NY.

How a Wood Fence Can Shield Your Yard From Prying Eyes in Orange County and Westchester County, NY

Character-Filled Privacy

While many homeowners choose vinyl privacy fencing for convenience (vinyl does not require periodic sealing like wood fencing), wood is frequently viewed as offering far more character and individuality than vinyl. Under that perspective, only wood can give your outdoor living space such a warm welcome that is most definitely not cookie cutter. Each wood privacy fence will be unique, and you can enjoy the variety by leaving the wood unstained and simply protecting it every couple of years with a clear sealant.

The concept of a privacy fence, however effective it will be, is rarely viewed as offering an aesthetic benefit. There are a few methods, however, that can ensure it will in fact add beauty and interest.

Consider choosing wood privacy fencing that features a lattice top. This will add a lighter and more airy feeling to your outdoor living space while still maintaining its function of maintaining seclusion from the neighbors.

Another option is to stain the posts and the fence sections different colors for added variety and interest.

Of course, painting your privacy fence can give your fence a fresh new look every couple of years, and you could paint (or commission) a mural for a breathtaking one-of-a-kind outdoor living space.

Fence Choices

A typical privacy fence is generally between 6’ and 8’ tall and comes in both a solid style (boards top to bottom) and a partially open style with boards making up the majority of the fence and a lattice section along the top for design interest.

If you are after partial privacy, you could choose a 6’ fence with a lattice top (with the top taking up 1’ to 2’ of space). If you prefer full privacy without the feeling of being walled in, consider an 8’ fence with a lattice top: This option could give you plenty of privacy in a more interesting design than a solid fence.

Uneven Terrain

Uneven or sloped properties can pose a challenge for fence designers and installers. A fence can either “step down” the slope, keeping a more consistent appearance across the top that still does the job of maintaining privacy. This solution looks great up top, but can result in gaps along the bottom. Or the entire fence could be sloped to better follow the contours of the land.

One favorite option is to create a masonry wall along the bottom to even out the surface, and install a privacy fence on top—which can then be perfectly level, or have it step down in an attractive way.

Finishing Touches

To give your backyard a professionally designed appearance, consider adding a few finishing touches once your fence is installed: landscape lighting fixtures such as sconces or softly draped string lights could visually define the perimeter of your backyard after dark, and add interest to the fence during the day.

A wood fence can also become an opportunity to enjoy a vertical garden—effectively making your wall blend into the landscaping while providing you with an endless supply of fresh herbs or flowers. Whether you add permanent planters or hanging baskets, your fence could become a gorgeous backdrop for a stunning array of greenery and colorful flowers.


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