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3 Pros of a DIY Fence in Orange County and Rockland County, NY, Areas

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Enhancing your property with a new fence is a big step in safety, security, and of course beauty. But it can be an expensive proposition, and many homeowners prefer to handle the installation themselves. Saving money on labor can be a good way to free up a budget for higher quality fence materials. But that’s not the only reason people like to install their own fences! Here are three pros of a DIY fence in the Orange County and Rockland County, NY, areas.

Get Exactly the Fence That You Want

Some fence companies only carry limited style and color options in the materials you want to use, so if you desire a very specific type of fence—or want to get creative with design—you can be sure that you’ll get a fence that looks and performs exactly as you want it by doing it yourself.

While many fence companies can work with your specifications and designs, this could also add significantly to the labor costs if the fence design is complicated. You may find that being limited in styles won’t give you a fence you can be happy with, so rather than settling for something that’s “okay but not perfect,” you could opt to purchase materials (and/or fence kits) and perform the installation yourself.

Design and Timeline Flexibility

If you change your mind about a project midway through the installation process—for example, if you want to fence in a larger area or if you want to change the design of the fence—this can often be an uncomfortable process if you’re working with a fence company.

Fence contractors are typically very busy during the spring and summer and have other projects lined up and scheduled. Any delays on your project will delay their next projects. Conversely, when you’re building your fence yourself and you need to temporarily put the project on hold, you won’t be affecting anyone’s schedule.

If you want to add a custom touch to a fence such as integrated lighting, planters, or artistic designs, this is another opportunity to save on labor costs.

Satisfaction and Pride

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the successful completion of a big project such as a new fence, especially if you run into challenges that you solved along the way. You can look at your new fence every day and feel proud that you’re the one who built it!

Is DIY the Right Approach for You?

Overall, if you are willing to put in the time to build a fence (or if you have a few friends who are willing to help) and you’re handy and you’re willing to do the necessary research into how to build a fence, the DIY approach can save you money and give you exactly the look you want. Keep in mind you may have to deal with local authorities for permits (and any complications that could arise around property lines or setbacks).

My Fence & Railings 2 Go are standing by to help you with selecting the right fence materials or kits for your specific needs, and we offer a wealth of information on how to build fences even in tricky situations like steep properties.


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