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Select Series Fencing

Select Series fencing combines exceptional quality and competitive pricing to create outdoor spaces that stand out.


Whether enhancing a cozy backyard or securing a commercial perimeter, Select Series offers versatile fencing options tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences.


Aluminum Select Series

The Aluminum series within Select Series fencing encapsulates elegance with durability.


Offering designs from classic simplicity to those with sophisticated top accents, aluminum fencing provides a sleek, low-maintenance solution that suits modern and traditional aesthetics alike. Ideal for those seeking a blend of strength and style, aluminum options ensure longevity and timeless appeal.

Select Series A400_t Medium.png
Select Series a400.c.10.jpg
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Select Series A202

Select Series A202

Select Series A400

Select Series A400

Select Series A202.t.4.jpg

Select Series A202 Drop Rail

Select Series a202.c.2.jpg

Select Series A202 Drop Rail


Vinyl Select Series

Vinyl fencing in the Select Series is all about versatility and beauty, offering a range of styles from standard privacy fences to decorative picket designs.


With options including elegant tops and wide pickets, each style is designed to enhance the beauty of your space while offering the practical benefits of vinyl: durability, low maintenance, and enduring beauty. Perfect for homeowners looking for a fence that combines aesthetic appeal with functional advantages.

SS V 100_7.webp
V100 gate.jpg
Select Series V100 Two Tone_edited.png
Select Series V100-V101 combo.jpg
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Select Series V100

Select Series V100

Select Series V100 Two Tone

Select Series V101 With Large Lattice

Select Series V101 with Arb.jpg

Select Series V101 With Small Square Lattice


Select Series V102


Select Series V103


Select Series V104

Select Series v105.4.jpg

Select Series V105


Vinyl Picket Select Series

For a touch of charm and character, the Vinyl Picket options in the Select Series provide a delightful variety of designs.


From traditional flat tops to fanciful scoop designs, these fences bring personality to any outdoor space. Constructed with the same high-quality, low-maintenance vinyl, picket fencing options are ideal for creating defined boundaries with a decorative touch.

Select Series V200 (7)_edited.webp
Select Series v201_2.webp
Slect Series v202.webp
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Select Series V200

Select Series V201

Select Series V202

Select Series V203


Select Series V204

Select Series V205.webp

Select Series V205

A Limited-Lifetime Warranty Backs Each Select Series Product
Fabricated locally with carefully sourced materials, every piece of the Select Series is designed for reliability and is backed by a Limited-Lifetime Warranty. This commitment ensures that your fencing adds beauty to your property and stands as a durable, lasting investment.
MyFence To Go Select Series Logo 2_edite
MyFence To Go Select Series Logo 2_edite

The limited warranty for aluminum products within the Select Series assembled with stainless-steel fasteners provides that fencing will not “peel, crack, chip, or blister for as long as you own the fence.”

The Vinyl Select Series has a limited warranty protecting against the product experiencing “peel, rot, yellowing, fade, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode solely because of defects in material, manufacturing, or exposure to ocean air (salt spray).” 

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“The Best!!! A great and easy way to get all you need.”

- Tony D. via Facebook

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