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4 Trending Materials to Look For at a Fence Supply Near Me in Essex County and Hunterdon County, NY

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Are you on the fence (pardon the pun) about which material will best meet your needs for a practical and stylish fence? To help you decide, here are four trending materials to look for as you search for “a fence supply near me” in the Essex County and Hunterdon County, NY, areas.

The Purpose of Your New Fence

In part, the materials that will best suit your project are driven by the functions that the fence will serve as well as your budget. But another, and equally big, part of the equation is aesthetics—after all, you’re going to be looking at the fence practically every day for the next several years, and you want it to be as beautiful as it is functional.

Today’s Fences

Fences being built today are so much more than just a fence. It can serve as a focal point, a backdrop, and an integral part of an outdoor living space. Some fences incorporate built-in lighting, unique accents, planters, and other features that harmonize with the home’s design aesthetic.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl (PVC) is a trending material that’s popular with homeowners who desire a low-maintenance fence that’s virtually impervious to the effects of weather and mimics the classic look of a traditional wood fence. Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for privacy fencing.

Wood Fences

Wood fences will always be in style. Some homes are best accented with a rustic split rail fence, for example, and in certain situations, no other material will do. Wood can be stained or simply sealed to reveal its natural color and character. While this fence option does require more upkeep, it’s a classic material that brings warmth and charm to a landscape.

Aluminum Fences

For homeowners who love the look of wrought iron but don’t want the maintenance of iron, then aluminum is a choice that will never go out of style. Aluminum gives you the option of creating a fence that’s simultaneously sturdy and airy. This material allows a virtually unobstructed view of the landscape—unlike the more blocky vinyl or wood fencing—and it can’t be beat for security fencing.

Chain Link Fences

The old standby, chain link, is making a comeback as a practical fencing material thanks to new colors (including green and black) and the option to install tube slats or bamboo screens, which essentially turn a chain link fence into a highly secure privacy fence. For low maintenance, strength, and durability, it’s hard to beat chain link.

Other Trends in Fencing

  • Dark colors: While the classic white picket fence will probably never go out of style, a white fence sometimes offers too much of a contrast between the fence and the surrounding landscape. Darker fence colors such as dark blues, grays, greens, and even black are trending because they draw attention to other design elements. Dark colors don’t overwhelm the landscape. Rather, they blend into the background for an elegant appearance. Dark colors can be achieved in virtually any style or material including vinyl, aluminum, to some extent chain link, and, of course, wood, which can be purchased pre-painted or natural.

Lighting: As homes become larger and backyards smaller, it makes sense to make full use of an entire backyard as part of an outdoor living space. Where formerly “outdoor living” was confined to a small patio, with a large expanse of lawn beyond, today’s landscapes are more integrated, and you might find features such as small interconnected patios that are located in the outer reaches of the landscape. These spaces need lighting, and what better place to integrate lighting than on a privacy fence?


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