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5 Recommendations for Decorative Fencing Materials in Westchester County and Orange County, NY

For most homes, a fence provides a great deal of security and can make a landscape feel more welcome in Westchester County and Orange County, NY. However, some fences leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their appearance. When you build a DIY decorative fence, you want it to look as great as possible so you can really give your property something to be proud of—and you don’t have to sacrifice utility when choosing a beautiful material. The following decorative fencing materials can be the start of creating a beautiful and functional addition for your property.

5 Recommendations for Decorative Fencing Materials in Westchester County and Orange County, NY

Aluminum: Granite and Granite Drop Rail

The Granite Aluminum Series shows what a simple, capable, and elegant fence can look like. The Granite Drop Rail is a variation of the original Granite where the bottom rail sits at the ground instead of a few inches above the ground. Not only are these aluminum fences incredibly strong, but they’re durable as well. Aluminum fences require no consistent maintenance and never need to be repainted. At a distance, this fence is nearly invisible against the natural backdrop. The Granite series of fences will make a gorgeous decorative fence that surrounds your garden, your pool, or your entire property.

Vinyl: Dogwood

The Dogwood Vinyl series works well with nearly any design aesthetic. Can a privacy fence be considered “decorative?” Absolutely, if you choose the colors that work with your home—to enhance your home’s look while creating a private backyard retreat. The subtle elegance of this fence plus the decorative post caps may be simple, but there is often great beauty in simplicity that doesn’t overwhelm your landscaping.

Aluminum: Amethyst

The Amethyst Aluminum series has a regal quality to it. This fence would find itself wrapping around the estates of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, evoking the styles of wrought iron from the grand estates of yesteryear. With a stronger composition and a structure that will never rust, the aluminum used in Amethyst will give folks an elegant impression. The Amethyst would work well securing a well-loved garden or a pool, without taking away from the colors and interest of the landscaping.

Vinyl: Barberry

The Barberry Vinyl series evokes a classic “white picket fence” feel of Americana. Not only will this fence decorate the side of the home, a garden, the pool, or a pet containment area, it can also work well as a perimeter fence that draws attention to the style of the landscape and home. Just as with other vinyl fences, there won’t need to be a laborious repainting every few years to keep the beautiful white color strong and vibrant.

Aluminum: Bedrock

The Bedrock Aluminum series shows what can happen when minimalism becomes decoration. The modern style of the Bedrock fence is not only effective at drawing attention around the landscape with its long sight lines and perfect symmetry, but it will also make for an effective protective barrier as well. Bedrock will look great in any modern style landscape. For pets and young children, it’s a fence that’s nearly impossible to climb. This makes it a great addition to any pool area, kid’s play area, or any area where pet containment is needed. When it comes to decoration and security, this fence is the winning option.


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