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5 Tips for How to Build a Fence in Westchester County, NY, and Morris County, NJ

A fence can be one of the most important features in your landscape. Whether you will be building a fence to enclose your entire property or building a security fence around a pool, you want to ensure that you choose the correct materials and install the fence properly in order for it to last for many years to come. These five tips for how to build a fence in Westchester County, NY, and Morris County, NJ, will help get the process started.

5 Tips for How to Build a Fence in Westchester County, NY, and Morris County, NJ

1. Know Your Style Before Choosing the Material

Before you begin the fence building and installation process, it is important to know what style of fence you are looking for and what materials you will need. Whether you are building a wood fence, aluminum fence, or chain link fence, you need to know exactly what you are planning to build prior to beginning the process. Each style of fence and material requires a different process for installation. Consider whether your primary need for a fence is about privacy (vinyl may be a good solution), security (a chain link fence may suffice), or a decorative boundary line (aluminum can be an attractive, lower maintenance alternative to wrought iron).

2. Take Proper Measurements

Once you have planned the style of your fence and know the materials, you want to be sure to take proper measurements of exactly where your fence is going to be installed. This will allow you to purchase the proper amount of materials that will be needed. It is crucial to measure the entire length of your fence and to measure around any trees or obstructions that may be in the way to ensure that you will have the right amount of fencing materials.

3. Have a Utility Company Out

Prior to beginning the process of digging into the ground, you want to have your local utility company out to put flags where your underground lines run so that you do not disturb them when installing your fence.

4. Seek Professional Expertise When Needed

As you begin the process of building a fence and have any questions or concerns, you will want to know where to turn and have easy access to fence experts. These experts can be there for you if you run into any snags during the process and provide you with advice about installation and fence material choices. Installing a fence on your own can be overwhelming at first, but is made easier when you know which type of fences are easy to install and how to properly go about it. ActiveYards fences, for example, are known for being easy to assemble; it’s usually the measuring and digging aspects of fence installation that is the more challenging part of such a landscape project.

5. Know Your Financing Options

When researching where to acquire your fence materials, you may also want to look into any financing options that are available and whether it makes sense to install it yourself or explore other options.


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