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6 Reasons to Get a Vinyl Fence for Your Backyard in Essex County, NJ

They say good fences make good neighbors. But which type of fencing is the most versatile? One of the best fencing materials available today is vinyl, and we will cover some of the reasons why. An effective vinyl fence can protect and add beauty to a landscape and home for many years to come. Before any fence decisions are made, it’s important to find out why so many homeowners are choosing vinyl in Essex County, NJ.

6 Reasons to Get a Vinyl Fence for Your Backyard in Essex County, NJ

Straightforward Installation

When you purchase a vinyl fence kit from My Fence & Railings 2 Go, you’re signing up for a straightforward installation process. Using impressive technology, you can forget about the painstaking process of lining up pickets and rails. The premade panels simply snap together securely, to help your fence quickly take shape before your eyes. With simple steps and plenty of support along the way, this is one project that handy people can tackle.

Incredibly Low Maintenance

Unlike fences made from wood or wrought iron, vinyl fences do not need any regular maintenance other than occasional cleaning. Wrought iron needs to be painted every few years and wood needs to be painted or stained in a similar interval. Wood may also need to be occasionally sprayed to prevent insect infestation. Once the vinyl products have left the manufacturing facility, your vinyl fence will look good a decade later as it does on the day it’s installed.

Attractive and Effective

Many designs of vinyl fences are intended to be direct replacements for either wood fences or even metal fences. This can be accomplished through the molding process of vinyl during the production. Broad picket sections can be stamped with a wood grain texture in order to capture that classic look of painted wood; and narrow pickets can be just as sleek and contemporary as any aluminum fence. Whatever you’re looking for in a fence, there is likely to be a vinyl version that works for the aesthetics of your home and landscape.

Simple Cleaning

From time to time, a vinyl fence may need to be cleaned just like any other type of fence. This can be from a particularly dusty storm or the occasional propagation of mildew or mold in high moisture areas. While this may not be very noticeable on darker fence colors, it can sometimes be seen on white vinyl fences. In order to clean your fence, you can simply scrub with soap and water.

Privacy Options

Sometimes a fence needs to obscure a view and there are only a few fencing materials that can accomplish this: wood and vinyl. Vinyl is a fantastic option for a privacy fence. A vinyl fence can provide the level of privacy you desire for your outdoor lifestyle. From traditional white privacy fencing with vertical pickets to more contemporary two-toned fences with horizontal pickets, a vinyl fence will create the backyard getaway you’ve been dreaming of creating.

Long-Lasting Durability

A vinyl fence is designed to stand strong for many years without deteriorating or collapsing under normal weather conditions. In the event an individual piece breaks (such as from a fallen tree), you would only need to replace the broken section. The structure as a whole will retain its integrity. Today’s vinyl fences also don’t yellow or warp like vinyl did when it was first introduced. You won’t need to worry about the state of your fence as long as it graces the landscape.


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