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A Look at What Fencing Materials Are Needed for a New Fence in Monmouth County and Mercer County, NJ

Installing a new fence requires a bit of up-front planning, to ensure you choose fencing materials you will be happy with over time. In the Monmouth County and Mercer County, NJ area, you can start by determining what you most need from the fence, whether you want to ensure security, maintain privacy, keep pets and gardens safe, or whether you are mainly looking for a decorative fence.

A Look at What Fencing Materials Are Needed for a New Fence in Monmouth County and Mercer County, NJ

Ensuring Security (Boundary and Pool)

Aluminum fencing is a favorite for homeowners who prioritize security, particularly around the pool. Difficult to scale, this option also offers an elegant touch to your surroundings. Compared to wrought iron, modern-day aluminum fencing carries many advantages: It’s lighter, easier to install, rustproof, and doesn’t require painting.

It also offers an array of styles that match any architectural design. ActiveYards aluminum fencing is designed in easy-to-assemble panels without conspicuous screws or bolts.

Vinyl privacy fencing is another option that presents a dual-purpose solution for both security and seclusion in your outdoor living areas.

Prioritizing Privacy

In residential areas where houses are closely packed, privacy becomes a priority. Privacy fencing is typically composed of either wood or vinyl. Both present great choices. These materials offer solid panel designs for a “wall” look or decorative lattice tops for a more open, airy feel.

Opt for vinyl if you seek a no-maintenance fence because, with this material, there is no need for painting or staining. Modern vinyl fencing is designed to resist yellowing and warping, providing a durable, worry-free fence.

If you value the distinct charm of natural materials, wood could be the best fencing material for you. Although wood requires occasional maintenance, such as cleaning and staining or painting, it rewards you with a personalized fence that can be tailored over time, including color changes.

Decorative Fencing

Infuse your front or backyard with personality through a decorative fence. Typically, decorative fencing is limited to a few sections that span the front yard facing the street, driveway, or the front walkway. You can select any style that suits your taste.

For a “country estate” vibe, consider a ranch-style post-and-rail fence. Alternatively, a white picket fence can bestow your home with a warm, quaint cottage ambiance. Decorative fences can be crafted from wood or vinyl, depending on your preference for the authenticity of wood or the easy upkeep of vinyl.

Pet Enclosures and Garden Gatekeepers

For those who cultivate edible gardens, a fence is crucial to protect your plants from deer, pets, or adventurous children. For uniformity, select a fence type consistent with the rest of your landscape. If it’s a standalone fence, an aluminum security fence, or a wood or vinyl picket fence can serve this purpose while enhancing your landscape’s beauty.

For pet owners, secure fencing that matches your pet’s breed is essential. Chain link fencing, a common choice for pet containment due to its cost-effectiveness, is usually favored in backyards where function trumps aesthetics. If your pet enjoys the entire yard, a vinyl privacy fence, a taller picket fence, or an aluminum security fence may serve as superior options.

You will need to consider your pet’s behavior to choose the right material and height. Does your dog dig? Can they jump higher than 5 feet? These are all factors to consider when choosing a pet fence.


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