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A Quick Guide on How to Build a Fence in Morris County, NJ

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

If you’re a DIYer, you’ve likely come upon this article because you’re wondering how to build a fence in Morris County, NJ. Perhaps you even have the fence materials on hand at your home or business in Morris County, NJ, and are ready to get started right now, in which case you can proceed with the following guidance.

A Quick Guide on How to Build a Fence in Morris County, NJ

Contact a Local Utility Company

The first task that should be completed is contacting your local utility company, as is required for all projects that involve digging. In fact, you may have heard of “call before you dig” requirements. Whoever is digging is expected to call New Jersey One Call at 811 or 800-272-1000 at least three full business days before beginning a fence project. After your call, a representative will visit the site and mark areas where there are underground utility lines. These locations will be marked with paint, flags, or stakes that are color-coded to indicate the type of utility line, such as gas lines, cable television, sewer lines, electrical, etc.

Verify Your Property Line

Generally, fences need to be placed 6 inches to 1 foot away from the property line to avoid future disputes with neighbors. The neighbor would need to provide written consent if you want to set it closer than 6 inches from the property line. You can contact a surveyor or your municipality to have someone verify your property line before you build.

Check for Local Zoning Laws or Restrictions

You may need to be mindful of local zoning laws and restrictions to avoid violations. For example, Morris Township restricts fences being built in residential areas in that they cannot be higher than 6 feet from ground level. You can do a quick Google search for your location to determine any restrictions that pertain to your property.

Mark Out Where You Want Your New Fence

Next, you will need to mark where you want to build your new fence using string and line stakes. Likely, you have already done this in preparation for ordering a fence and before having utilities marked and obtaining permits.

Set Gate Posts First

It’s essential to install the fence gate posts first to ensure the gate operates properly. First, dig post holes 10” in diameter for 5” posts. Secure the gate post using a layer of gravel and a layer of cement above that. Make sure it is installed plumb and level. The pre-routed posts in the ActiveYards EZFence2Go system make building the fence a smooth process for many people.

Insert the Bottom Rail, Panels, and Top Rail

After the fence gate post is secure, you will insert the bottom rail into the pre-routed post and connect it to the next fence post. Next, attach the U-channel and install the fence panel board by board. This process goes pretty quickly because the boards easily snap to one another using GlideLock technology. Once all of the panels are in place, you can insert the top rail in the first post and place it over the top of the panels. Finally, insert the top rail into the top pre-routed hole on the fence post, and then level and secure the post.

Repeat the Process Until Complete

This completes one entire section of your fence, and the process is then repeated until your fence is complete. If you have any questions about building a fence, your local fence supplier will gladly help you.


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