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Deciding on a Vinyl or Aluminum Railing for a Deck in Bergen County, NJ

Updated: May 5, 2022

When you’re looking for a railing for your deck, you’re looking for more than just a railing. You’re looking for security and peace of mind as well as the beautification of your home and outdoor living space. Advice on materials and support for deck railing installation are some of the many services we offer, for both DIY homeowners and contractors, and of course, we feature a great selection of railings that will fit your aesthetic and practical needs. As you plan the next steps in the improvement of your backyard, here’s a guide on deciding on a vinyl or aluminum railing for a deck in Bergen County, NJ.

Deciding on a Vinyl or Aluminum Railing for a Deck in Bergen County, NJ

Vinyl: Finyl Line T-Top

The Finyl Line T-Top design fits right into the classic aesthetic of many traditional homes. The T-Top refers to the cap of the railing posts that’s wider at the very top. The wide pickets, posts, and rails make for a substantial railing that will make a proud statement for your deck and landscape.

Vinyl: Titan

A design that’s similar to the Finyl Line T-Top but more modern, the Titan railing will look great paired with contemporary decks and homes. The Titan features a rounded top rail and relatively narrow pickets for a casual look that could be ideal for smaller homes where a more robust railing would be too much.

Vinyl: Transform

Another vinyl design that looks to the future while keeping one foot in the past is the Transform railing. This gorgeous vinyl structure has more variability with colors. Posts, rails, pickets, and caps can be combined with a color scheme that complements your landscape and home design aesthetic. The Transform can pair well with contemporary home designs and rustic homes.

Aluminum: Avalon with ADA Rail

Sometimes a deck railing needs to feel much more safe and secure. While vinyl railings are incredibly sturdy, sometimes just knowing that a railing is made of metal can give peace of mind. The Avalon aluminum railing with added ADA Rail can be the best railing option for those that need a little assistance going up and down stairs or making their way across the deck. Built to stringent American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, this railing and additional handrail will stand strong for those who need it most.

Vinyl and Aluminum: The Avalon

The outstanding Avalon railing can give DIY homeowners exactly what they need for their deck and. This sleek, gorgeous design is available in both vinyl and aluminum options, showing its versatility in design and application. With a wide range of color options, picket styles, and other customizations, Avalon will have exactly what you need for your deck.

In so many railing and fencing applications, aluminum has been replacing wrought iron as the metal material of choice. While wrought iron has a tendency to rust and deteriorate over the years and require routine painting to prevent deterioration, aluminum railings will never need to be repainted in their lifetime. Aluminum railings will look incredible on your deck and keep your family safe for generations.

So Which Is Best?

We’ve discussed some top railing options in both vinyl and aluminum. There’s no clear winner, since both materials are strong, durable, and come in a range of attractive styles. The best way to determine which is best for your deck is to stop by the showroom and see and touch each railing for yourself.


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