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Is a Chain Link Fence Offered by Active Yards in the Rockland County, NY Area?

When it comes to choosing the right fence for your Rockland County, NY Area property, the expertise of an Active Yards dealer can prove invaluable. Innovative technologies, efficient designs, and multiple fencing options make their fences versatile and functional. Fortunately, they have chain-link fencing solutions for many outdoor spaces.

Is a Chain Link Fence Offered by Active Yards in the Rockland County, NY Area?

Choosing a chain link fence offers unmatched durability, toughness, and affordability. Many options for coatings and designs mean that you can tailor the fence to your needs and landscape style.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Choosing vinyl-coated chain link fencing allows the fence to perform its job without becoming too noticeable, blending with its natural surroundings to offer security and stability without looking garish or marring the beauty of your outdoor area.

Vinyl coating is composed of pigmented resin or plastic in brown, black, and green coatings to protect the fence from scratches, corrosion, rust, or other possible problems. The coating gives the fencing a less industrial appearance and adds softness to the surface.

Long-lasting and able to fit in any terrain, vinyl-coated chain link fencing won’t fade or rot and is virtually maintenance-free.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Holding up to every weather pattern and seasonal extremes, galvanized chain link fences are the workhorse of fences. Ideal for areas where security, functionality, and no maintenance are the requirements, galvanized chain link fencing is treated with zinc for protection from the elements. This is the fence choice when you need a working enclosure and the appearance is not crucial.

Winged Privacy Slats

Self-locking, double-wall fence slats have extra width to ensure privacy for a chain link fence. They lock into the fence to shield the view of what is inside the enclosure, offering complete blockage.

Permahedge Slats

Permahedge slats deliver the perfect combination of privacy and nature, mimicking evergreen needles and branches to shield the view of what is inside the fence. With permanent spruce needles that look like real branches, these slats produce a natural look for a chain link fence.

Top Lock Slats

Tubular and flat, top lock slats lock together to create a fence-top look for the upper part of a chain link fence. For privacy and symmetry that fully blocks the view, these slats block the wind, too.

Winged Privacy Slats

Similar to top lock slats but with wings that expand to provide complete coverage, winged privacy slats add extra screening and security to a chain link fence.

High Carbon Field Fence

Stronger than galvanized chain link fencing, high carbon field fence mounts on wood posts for superior strength under tension. While it is thinner and lighter than chain link fencing, the carbon renders it just as strong and tough to bend.

Welded Wire on Fence Stakes

With a structure that is completely inflexible, welded wire on fence stakes creates a firm, definite barrier. The grid-like pattern is produced from horizontal and vertical wires that are welded at the connections. Different gauges and heights let you select the welded fence that works best for your space.

Chain link fencing is a permanent solution for many enclosure types and the pros at a local Active Yards dealer can recommend the perfect choice for any application. As a critical element for your property, the right chain link fence is functional and secure.


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