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Need a Chain Link Fence? Here Are Options Provided by a Fence Supply Near Me in Essex County, NJ

When considering a new chain link fence, it’s important to know about the many options provided by a fence supplier near Essex County, NJ. As you search for a “fence supply near me,” you’ll want to be aware that a variety of finishing and privacy options can make chain link fences a great addition to any space.

Need a Chain Link Fence? Here Are Options Provided by a Fence Supply Near Me in Essex County, NJ

Welded Wire

Welded wire fences provide strength in cross points and rigid openings, creating a durable option for chain link fences. The inflexible nature of welded wire can make it an ideal fence option for a defined and longstanding barrier. Welded wire fencing also retains its strength and shape if a wire is cut or damaged, adding even more value to this sturdy option.


Galvanization is the process of coating metal to make it more durable. This coating protects against rust and corrosion, making it more resistant to weather and general wear and tear. A galvanized fence retains the classic chain link look with an added layer of strength and longevity.

Vinyl Coated

Vinyl coating provides additional durability and style to chain link fences. The vinyl coating on chain link fences is typically done over galvanized fencing and creates even better resistance against corrosion, increasing the total lifespan of your fence. Vinyl also comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and green. The different color options allow for a seamless addition to the rest of your landscape.


Slats can be included in a chain link fence to provide extra privacy around your yard. There are different types of slats that fit any style and level of privacy desired.

Top locking slats are a system that uses a locking channel at the top of the slats. This design ensures a straight edge at the top of the fence, providing an attractive finish to your chain link fence. The slats do retain a small gap between them, creating a semi-private fence with some visibility. Top locking slats come in a range of colors and sizes to provide your space with privacy and an attractive finish.

Winged privacy slats provide increased privacy with slats that are self-locking. The flexible but durable “wings” are installed by weaving slats through the links and laying side-by-side to reduce any gaps in your privacy slats. Winged privacy slats are available in a variety of colors, including brown, black, green, white, and tan, to give you the style that you desire.

Permahedge slats create a natural hedge look with the security of a chain link fence. This faux greenery can be weaved into whichever style of chain link fence you desire, creating an additional layer of beauty to your durable fence.

Other Greenery

Chain link fences allow for much diversity when planning for privacy. Real foliage, like hedges or arborvitae, can be planted along a chain link fence to enhance the beauty of a perimeter without sacrificing security.

There are other options that provide attractive views without the maintenance required of real foliage. Similar to permahedge slats, artificial hedge rolls provide the privacy of other slats with the added enjoyment of greenery along your fence. There are also artificial bamboo rolls that can be added to one side of a chain link fence. These bamboo rolls provide semi-private fencing that add extra character and style to your standard chain link fence.


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