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Reasons Why a Chain Link Fence Is a Versatile Fence Option in Rockland County and Orange County, NY

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The chain link fence is one that you can see in a wide variety of applications, and it’s well known to be one of the most effective options for security. When it comes to fence projects, there are few options easier to work with than chain link. With so many possibilities in making an effective and affordable security or pet containment fence, look no further than chain link.

Reasons Why a Chain Link Fence Is a Versatile Fence Option in Rockland County and Orange County, NY

Increasing Your Sense of Security

There are many reasons why someone would want to keep their home, pets, and family safe, and a chain link fence makes the idea so much more possible. With a chain link fence, you can relax as you watch your kids play near your home’s boundary lines.

An Effective Barrier

Chain link fences are great at keeping what’s outside outside and what’s inside safe and secure. They are very difficult to climb for people and animals alike, and the woven steel wires are extremely strong yet flexible, so their effectiveness as a barrier cannot be understated. Chain link fence rolls are available in various heights and can be built as tall as you need (within any local ordinance or HOA restrictions).

Plenty of Styles

Although chain link fencing isn’t the top choice for front yard or decorative applications, it’s perfectly suited for backyard use, and with today’s color choices, it can easily take the place of other fence materials.

It may surprise you, but there are many styles to choose from in the world of chain link fencing. Apart from the standard bluish and steely hues that many of these fences take on, many homeowners opt for a vinyl-coated wire that allows colors of black, green, white, brown, and more. This extra vinyl coating can help to enhance the look of whichever landscape and home aesthetic with which a chain link fence could fit.

As well, faux wood or foliage inserts help disguise the fence and create privacy that an open chain link fence cannot provide. A chain link fence with decorative inserts may also be considered stronger and more durable than any vinyl or wood privacy fence.

A black chain link fence can virtually disappear when placed against a darker or wooded background. This makes the chain link fence a relatively stylish choice for backyards where pet containment or security is a top priority.

Zero Maintenance

Chain link fences are built with a stain-resistant steel that won’t rust or discolor. Painting a chain link fence isn’t necessary, which is often a huge bonus for many homeowners.

Easy Installation

All fence installations require a considerable amount of physical work. However, chain link fences are designed to be assembled instead of built. Once you put up the fence posts, you attach the rails to make the structure. Then, you attach the pre-woven chain links which come in a roll. So few installation steps make the chain link fence a favorite of homeowners and contractors who take on fence projects.

Low Cost

The expense involved in a chain link fence is usually the lowest of any fence type thanks to the availability of materials, simplicity of the structure, and ease of replacement. In the case of a section being damaged, another roll simply needs to be attached in its place.


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