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Steps to Make Your DIY Fence Installation Quick and Easy in Union County and Bergen County, NJ

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Of all the landscaping jobs that handy homeowners can successfully perform themselves, fencing may be one of the most accessible. Here are the steps to make your DIY fence installation as quick and easy as possible in Union County and Bergen County, NJ.

Steps to Make Your DIY Fence Installation Quick and Easy in Union County and Bergen County, NJ

Planning, Planning, and More Planning

It’s imperative during your DIY fence project that you do as much detailed planning as possible before you ever start moving dirt. You may need drawings as you plan, proper measurements, and a clear understanding of your boundary lines. You can use plastic flags to get a general sense of what’s needed, though when it comes to digging fence posts you’ll want to be as accurate as possible. Your fence supplier can help with determining what needs to be done.

This planning can involve creating a diagram that will allow you to successfully map out exactly where in your property each post will go. Once you settle on a design, this information will allow you to accurately come up with an estimate of the amount and cost of materials.

The gate section of a fence is probably the most difficult to plan and install. A gate that isn’t properly aligned won’t be easy to swing open or latch closed, potentially negating the purpose of your fence. Planning help will ensure all gates are designed to meet both your functional and aesthetic objectives.

Choosing the Fence Material

The first step of building the best fence for your landscape could involve getting the best information on which materials to use. We offer DIY fence packages made from the most popular fencing materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, but all can be built by any relatively handy homeowner with a friend to help out. Vinyl and aluminum fences from ActiveYards, for instance, are designed to snap into place using the company’s patented fence panels to make installation as simple as possible.

Choosing the Style

Within each material, there are many design choices to be made. Our experts can help you, whether you want a modern take on a classic white picket fence, or you want to give your property a country estate feel with a ranch fence.

Guided Installation

Every step of installation is laid out in detail, from removing excavating each post hole to snapping each cap into place. With this kind of guidance there won’t be any surprises along the way and you’ll always have a clear view of the next step in the plan. This allows you to put together a schedule that will enable you to finish your project on schedule and with minimal hassle.

Fencing Support Center

The easy-to-follow instructions have been tried and tested by many satisfied customers, but there’s no guarantee that everyone has the same knowledge base or prior experience. In fact, you can rely on our support center for any questions along the way as you build the perfect fence for your property. If any part of the plan isn’t perfectly clear, know that the support team is ready to address the problems in your DIY fence project.


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