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The Many Benefits of ActiveYards Fencing in Orange County, NY

If you’re thinking about a new fence and you’ve heard of ActiveYards, you’re probably wondering if this company’s products are a solid choice. After all, a fence is a big investment, and you want it to stand the test of time as well as deliver on its promises. Here are the many benefits of ActiveYards fencing in Orange County, NY.

The Many Benefits of ActiveYards Fencing in Orange County, NY

1. Value

ActiveYards is the leading American manufacturer of low maintenance, lifetime warranted fencing systems. The company’s philosophy is that “there is no reason to sacrifice performance, beauty and style for function or price.”

The company is a true U.S. manufacturing operation: The company’s fence systems start from raw materials, which are then fabricated to a specification, and then shipped to exclusive ActiveYards dealers who will deliver to the homeowner. ActiveYards is among the largest consumer fence manufacturers in the world which means a competitive advantage in warranties, customer support, distribution, technology, and manufacturing excellence.

ActiveYards fences are designed to be easy to install—literally clicking into place for a secure bond that won’t move. The fence materials are virtually maintenance free, whether you choose a wood-look vinyl fence or a wrought-iron look aluminum fence. Either way, you get the looks without the regular maintenance.

2. Simplified Choices

Choosing the right type of fence material and style can be challenging, especially if your landscape has multiple needs. For example, you may want backyard privacy but a more open look in the front yard. Or you need to contain your rambunctious pets but don’t love the idea of chain link. Or your landscape is steep and uneven, which makes fence materials choices and installation overwhelming.

ActiveYards features fencing solutions in four key areas:

  • Privacy: Easy-to-assemble privacy fences give your backyard a secluded feel.

  • Pool safety: ActiveYards pool safety fencing meets the most stringent pool safety codes while adding a stylish look to your pool area and maintaining clear views of the pool from any area of the backyard.

  • Home security: ActiveYards aluminum security fencing gives you peace of mind with stylish and elegant yet cost-effective designs often reminiscent of a classic wrought-iron look.

  • Decorative fencing: From enhancing your front entryway to defining a garden, ActiveYards decorative fencing can add the classic white picket fence look to add cottage charm—or a sleeker, more modern version that blends well with modern homes.

ActiveYards has plenty of solutions for multiple-material fencing such as a chic, modern vinyl privacy fence in the backyard and a wrought iron-look aluminum security fence in the front yard.

ActiveYards fences are available through authorized retailers such as My Fence & Railings 2 Go, where you can see each fence material in person and get personalized assistance from certified professionals every step of the way. From choosing materials to installation tips and a comprehensive resource center, you have the benefit of professional guidance.

ActiveYards fence designs are compatible with any design aesthetic. Rustic, woodsy homes have different fence style needs than historical homes, contemporary suburban homes, or ultramodern homes. But, many homes don’t fall into a particular style since they borrow elements from various design eras. If your home doesn’t fall into a specific style, we can help you find the perfect neutral fence that goes with everything and won’t look dated in a few years.

3. Easy Installation

If you’re a DIY homeowner “on the fence” about a DIY fence because you’ve heard what a nightmare it can be, you’ll be glad to know that ActiveYards fences are designed so that pre-built fence panels literally snap on to the posts. This means no more painstaking work aligning railings and individual pickets. This can save many, many hours of work over the course of a fence installation.


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