4 DIY Fence Ideas Anyone Can Build in Somerset County and Hunterdon County, NY

If you’ve been gathering inspiration for a DIY fence project, you may be overwhelmed by the choices. To help you finalize your decision, here are four DIY fence ideas anyone can build in Somerset County and Hunterdon County, NY.

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Fences for Privacy

Privacy is often the #1 reason homeowners want to fence their property. Trying to relax with neighbors all around is like trying to relax in a fishbowl—not that easy! A solid privacy fence could do the trick, but there are also styles that incorporate ornamental latticework along the top, to lighten the look and prevent a boxed-in feeling.

Back in the day, old-school privacy fencing was difficult to install, because lining up pickets, so that there are no gaps, is not easy. With ActiveYards vinyl privacy fencing, your dream of a private retreat is just a short time away. GlideLock technology allows fence panels to snap together accurately and securely. The result will be an attractive, seamless look without any gaps.

Which style of privacy fence you choose depends on your personal preferences, your home’s architecture, and the surroundings. We’re always here to help you make the best choice. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that the installation process is as straightforward as click and snap.

Fences for Pool and Pond Safety

ActiveYards aluminum pool fences are designed to keep kids and pets safe at all times. They meet all pool safety codes, yet offer a style that you can enjoy throughout any season. The fence looks just as good from inside the pool (or pond) area as out, and you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust. As with other ActiveYards fences, the panels snap together securely for a worry-free fence you’ll enjoy for many years—no welding required!

It’s recommended that you choose a fence that offers a clear view of the pool or pond from your backyard or home (i.e., not a solid privacy fence), with a secure latch that can’t be opened by young children. The same pool security fencing could be used on waterfront properties, to keep kids and pets from gaining access to lakes or rivers.

Fences for Pet Containment and Security

Keeping your beloved pets in the backyard can be a challenge. Privacy fencing is one solution; another is fencing designed for security (which will also offer protection for your home and family). Choose from vinyl or aluminum security fencing—with looks ranging from an elegant tan fence to a classic white picket fence. Even ranch-style post-and-rail fences can be used for pet containment with the addition of wire field fencing on the inside. These choices give you many options to marry function and beauty. Premade fence panels make assembly a snap—literally—so peace of mind is just a few days or weeks away.

Fences for Visual Appeal

Creating a backdrop for a special garden, adding interest to your front entry, or adding drama to the end of the driveway is made simple with a shorter fence—just a few sections—that can be put up in a weekend. Whether you like the look of a white picket fence, wrought iron, or a classic ranch fence, you can rest assured that assembly is fast and simple.

Whatever questions you have in choosing the right design for you, or if you need some installation guidance, our friendly experts have your back!

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