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How to Build a Fence That Complements Your Home in Hunterdon County and Essex County, NJ

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

There are many ways to add a unique character to your home, and one of the best (and most practical) is with a fence. If you can’t decide which type of fence is right for you, here’s how to build a fence that would complement your home in Hunterdon County or Essex County, NJ.

How to Build a Fence That Complements Your Home in Hunterdon County and Essex County, NJ

The Wrought Iron Look

It’s hard to beat the classic wrought iron look. Its simple elegance stands the test of time, and this sturdy fence also adds security to your home. The drawbacks can be the associated cost, compared with other fencing options, and the fact that iron can rust and may require repainting every couple of years. Fortunately, today you can find aluminum fencing that gives you the look and performance of traditional wrought iron without the maintenance headaches.

This kind of fence could be ideal if you want to add elegance to your home, need to contain pets or kids in the backyard, or require safety fencing around a pool. It can result in a very unobtrusive, airy look, if that’s your preference.

Fence Choices for Attractive Privacy

It can be challenging to choose a privacy fence that doesn’t give your backyard a boxed-in look. If local ordinances allow, you could opt for a taller fence (e.g., 8’ vs. 6’) with a lattice section at the top, which lightens the look and adds visual interest. If you can’t go higher than 6’, the more open top would defeat the purpose. You can also embellish a basic privacy fence with climbing vines or by installing vertical gardens on the fence panels (a great way to make your backyard more practical).

Privacy fencing is typically wood or vinyl (PVC). While wood needs to be stained or painted regularly, it does have a built-in character that vinyl can’t match. But if you prefer a zero-maintenance fence, then vinyl could be the way to go (you can even get wood-grain vinyl fencing to tone down the bright white).

When choosing materials, take cues from the surroundings. Choose classic white if the area around your home primarily features bright, light colors. Otherwise, choose wood (or wood-grain vinyl) to blend the look of the fence into the landscape.

The Classic White Picket Fence

Picket fences are a charming addition (especially at the front entry) if you have a Victorian, cottage, or seaside bungalow. Some people, however, prefer to avoid a “too cute” result if they have a more modern home, large timber-frame home, or a house clad in wood. What you find attractive and fitting for the look of your fence is entirely up to you.

A Fence for a Rustic Home

For a rustic home, you may prefer a rustic style of fence. The classic three- or four-rail split rail fence is a great option if you want a purely decorative fence or to contain horses. Keep in mind that to contain pets or to keep kids safe, may need to attach wire field fencing to the wood fence.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link is not typically known for its aesthetics, but with a few DIY tweaks you can make this fence option an attractive part of your landscape. For example, individual sections of the fence could be attached to wood posts, and topped with a wood rail to give it a cleaner, more finished look. Growing climbing vines on the fence could create a gorgeous living wall that could also reward you with fall color.

The best thing you can probably do, as you start considering how to build a fence, is to drive around and look for homes that are similar to yours in architectural style and landscaping, or visit our showroom to see our options for yourself.


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