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6 Benefits of Adding a Chain Link Fence to a Home in Westchester County and Orange County, NY Areas

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

As you consider what your landscape needs this summer, the top of your concerns should probably be the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Fencing helps provide these benefits to your property, and chain link is one of the most reliable fencing materials. This versatile material may not have the same visual appeal as aluminum, but it can be a valuable addition to your property. Here are six benefits of adding a chain-link fence to a home in Westchester County and Orange County, NY areas.

Speed of Installation

Chain link fencing is manufactured to be installed quickly. The materials involved are adaptable to nearly any surface requirement. A professional fencing crew can often install a fence within one day to several days, depending on the size of the area that will be enclosed. Chain link fencing is possible to be done by DIY homeowners, which, of course, will take longer than a professional crew, but the installation is straightforward and can be simpler than installing a wood or vinyl fence from the ground up.

A Budget-Friendly Fencing Material

Chain link fencing is also known for being a budget-friendly fencing material. It is produced in large rolls that are woven together to create an incredibly strong and resilient fence. Chain link rolls typically come in different heights of 4, 5, or 6 feet tall and 50 feet in length. With wood prices going the way they’ve gone recently, chain link could be a great material to take into consideration for a large-scale fencing project.

Strength and Durability

Since chain link fences are made from steel, they are some of the most strong and durable fencing materials. For areas that might be prone to erosion or lots of movement and activity, there are a few aspects to make the chain link fencing even stronger. First, tension bands can secure the corners and any gates. Tie wires hold the fabric in place on the rails and posts. Once installed, a chain link fence can last many decades, often without any adjustments.

Minimal Maintenance

Other types of fencing material require maintenance and sometimes replacement that makes them a hassle over their lifetimes. Wood fencing, for instance, can become brittle or even rot if not maintained properly, and maintenance has to be one often. Chain link fencing will last for many years without applying sealant every other season. Best of all, if an accident such as a falling tree necessitates replacement, it’s easy to replace a section.

Rust Resistance

The process of galvanizing steel ensures that your chain link fence will be resistant to rust, even in the direct sea breeze. This means you will not be left with an ugly, rusting fence. While many other fences quickly weather in humid environments, chain link fencing will last a very long time.

Variety of Colors and Design Styles

A common look of a chain-link fence is a steely gray appearance, but that isn’t the only option. Different colors and rail styles are available that can lend themselves to your landscape design aesthetic, helping your chain link fence blend into the surroundings or stand out as an industrial-inspired design feature.


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