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Why an Aluminum Railing Is the Right Choice for Your Project in Morris County and Essex County, NJ

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

When DIY homeowners consider adding a railing to their deck, balcony, or staircase, they may first think of wood or vinyl. Both of these materials are aesthetically pleasing and versatile. If you’ll be using ActiveYards products, they won’t require welding or specialty tools to install. However, in some cases, aluminum railings could be a better solution. Here’s why choosing an aluminum railing is the right choice for your project in Morris County and Essex County, NJ.

Why an Aluminum Railing Is the Right Choice for Your Project in Morris County and Essex County, NJ

Integration with the Landscape

Aluminum fencing is often the go-to for homeowners looking to add security and safety to their homes, and of course, aluminum railings are the perfect complement to aluminum fencing. Matching the railings to a fence gives your property an elegant, finished look.

Ease of Installation

Aluminum railings can be just as easy to install as wood or vinyl. When you choose aluminum railings from MyFence2Go, you gain access to the modular approach of ActiveYards products. The railings are pre-built in sections that simply snap securely to the posts—again, no specialty tools or welding needed—for surprisingly fast and easy installation. A fraction of the weight of iron, aluminum simplifies installation. And, once the sections have snapped together, there are no bolts or screws to mar the appearance of your beautiful finished railing.


Deck, balcony, and stair railings are designed to be leaned on. You do not necessarily want people to lean on railings, but it’s human nature. So, it’s often best to be prepared with a railing that can handle the weight of more than one person leaning on it. Aluminum is known to fit this requirement.


Wood is a wonderful natural material, but it can require ongoing maintenance to ensure its ongoing structural integrity and longevity. For this reason, some people opt for aluminum railings. Aluminum does not require much in the way of maintenance upkeep other than occasional cleaning: no painting or staining; no screws coming loose; and no bowing due to fluctuations in moisture content. The railings will not rust, fade, or yellow. They are weatherproof and can stand up to many, many years of outdoor use.


Although putting function first can be key to a successful fencing and railing project, you want a railing that is going to enhance the home. Aluminum railings can mimic the look of wrought iron for a classically elegant look ideal for traditional homes. Or they can look like painted wood, which looks beautiful next to rustic or cottage-style homes. The available colors can work with any style home, from ultra-modern to a grand estate and everything in between. Since many suburban homes are a blend of several architectural styles, it’s nice to know that the no-frills look of aluminum lends a timeless appeal, and its simple styling can work with any architectural style.

See Railings in Person

One of the best ways to decide whether or not to go with aluminum is to see the railings for yourself, in person. We invite you to visit our showroom where you can browse every style and finish, and talk to our friendly experts who are happy to answer your questions, give you design and installation advice, and help you get started on your railing project.


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