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6 Reasons a Chain Link Fence is the Right Choice in Hunterdon County and Somerset County, NJ

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

With all the different reasons you might put a fence on your property, it’s very likely that security and pet containment are your top priorities. The chain link material used for fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing for these purposes, and for good reason. As you continue to plan your DIY fencing project, consider these six reasons a chain link fence is the right choice in Hunterdon County and Somerset County, NJ.

6 Reasons a Chain Link Fence is the Right Choice in Hunterdon County, Somerset County & Middlesex County, NJ


Chain link fences are known for being excellent providers of security and pet containment. The interlinking of galvanized steel cables creates a fence that’s difficult to breach. As the links weave together, they support each other and make up an entire section that’s incredibly strong—tough enough for the biggest dog. The supporting vertical posts and horizontal rails make up a secure and extremely durable fence. Various heights give you the level of security you want. At the same time, the fence tends to disappear into the background and won’t obstruct views.

Privacy Applications

While it may not be thought of as a privacy fence (like a wood or vinyl privacy fence), a chain link fence can make an excellent privacy fence with the application of a mesh lining that will obscure almost all of the visual field while still providing a small amount of light to pass through. For a more elegant and aesthetically pleasing field of view, apply some faux foliage strips to cover the fence and help make it almost invisible and feel like an integral part of the scenery. For a completely natural connection, use carefully maintained vines to cover the fence and create a living privacy wall.

Low Cost

Chain link fencing is often considered to be the material that costs the least to produce, build, and maintain over time. Chain link is sold in rolls of different lengths and heights, allowing for customized solutions and relatively fast installation. Ease of assembly makes chain link an attractive DIY fencing project.

Low Maintenance

The composition of galvanized steel making up a chain link fence allows for an incredibly long lifespan. This steel won’t rust or degrade the way that wrought iron or wood fencing will. Chain link fencing doesn’t need expensive repainting or staining in order to preserve the integrity of the material. In fact, there won’t be any regular maintenance or repairs required for your chain link fence.

A chain link fence will last well throughout each season and this will especially come in handy during the winter. With some types of fence such as wood or vinyl, snow that’s been piled up and packed down can create an immense amount of pressure on the structure of the fence. The open design of a chain link fence allows snow to pass right through and gather around, virtually eliminating damage from heavy snowfall.

Easy Repair

In the case of an accident such as a tree falling on the fence, chain link fencing repair is straightforward. With each section self-supporting, only the affected section will need to be replaced.

Variety of Appearances

You can use a variety of colors as well as aluminized coating on a fence that helps it blend in with either the surrounding landscape or the aesthetics of your home.


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