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Top 3 Fencing Materials for Your Backyard in Passaic County and Bergen County, NJ

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The fence is one of the most important security features for any property. A fence can also be a great DIY project for homeowners. There are many styles of fencing available to match the aesthetics of your home and landscape. However, the best project starts with a decision on which material to use, especially if you want a DIY fence. To help you streamline your project, here are the top three fencing materials for your backyard in Passaic County and Bergen County, NJ.

Top 3 Fencing Materials for Your Backyard in Passaic County and Bergen County, NJ

Chain Link for Fences

One of the most common types of fences is the chain link fence. It can be used in many different applications, including security, privacy, and pet containment. Chain link is made from galvanized steel, which is bent in a zigzag pattern. The thick steel wires are then woven together to create an incredibly strong pattern where each wire supports the whole section. This steel weave is then attached to a vertical post and horizontal rail, which can be further bolstered by additional support beams.

Chain link fencing is known for its strength and security, and it can be applied to privacy fencing by adding a mesh lining or inserting faux wood or faux foliage strips. Without this privacy addition, chain link fencing is nearly invisible at a distance, enhancing an open view across a property. Chain link is considered the least expensive option for fencing. It comes in rolls that can be purchased in different sizes. Like any fence project, much of the work comes from planning beforehand and correctly setting the fence posts. Afterward, chain link is viewed as an excellent DIY fencing project and a great addition to any property.

Aluminum for Fences

When going for the strongest security fence without sacrificing elegance or blocking views, aluminum fencing could be the perfect solution. Aluminum has taken the mantle from wrought iron fencing in the last few decades as the preferred metal material for fencing due to its strength, light weight, good looks, and low maintenance requirements. Aluminum is powder coated, and never needs painting. It doesn’t rust and, perhaps best of all, costs much less than wrought iron.

With many decorative styles available, aluminum fencing complements both traditional and modern homes, and everything in between.

Aluminum fencing can also be considered surprisingly easy to install. ActiveYards fencing comes in premade panels that snap securely to posts, making for fast and efficient installation.

Vinyl for Fences

Much like aluminum has overtaken wrought iron, vinyl is the material that has quickly superseded wood as a preferred fencing material. Vinyl does an incredible job at standing strong as a fence while creating the look of a classic wooden fence. Whether you need a privacy fence, a decorative fence at your front entry, or even a hardworking ranch fence to keep your horses safe, vinyl can be a great choice.

While wood fences have their advantages, wood is a tricky material that typically needs frequent maintenance. Vinyl, on the other hand, does not need to be maintained other than occasional cleaning. Vinyl is extremely durable while also remaining a lightweight material that can satisfy so many fencing requirements.

Like ActiveYards aluminum fences, ActiveYards vinyl fences are preassembled in easy-to-install panels that snap to the posts, which greatly simplifies installation.

Support for Any Fencing Materials

We’re always available to help guide you through the planning and installation process of your fence project. Stop by the showroom, and let our experts support you.


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