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A Short Guide to Choosing the Best Fencing Materials for Your Property in Monmouth County, NJ

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

As a homeowner or contractor looking for fencing materials in Monmouth County, NJ, there is no question that you have many options to choose from. Each of the materials described below has its unique benefits that could work perfectly for different projects. This short guide will give you the overview you need to make the most informed decision.

A Short Guide to Choosing the Best Fencing Materials for Your Property in Monmouth County, NJ

Vinyl from ActiveYards

Vinyl fencing is a highly durable and low-maintenance option that can imitate the appearance of wood. The material is composed of PVC, a type of plastic that is resistant to weathering, insects, and rot. Various styles of vinyl fences are available, including picket, privacy, and ranch, and can be customized with different colors and textures to suit your needs.

When selecting ActiveYards fencing materials, customization is made effortless by pre-built shapes and sizes. These fences are easy to clean using soap and water and do not require any painting or staining, which simplifies their maintenance.

Aluminum from ActiveYards

Aluminum fencing is an ideal choice for decorative and ornamental purposes, as well as for security, owing to its versatility and lightweight nature. The material is composed of powder-coated aluminum, which makes it highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and fading. Various styles of aluminum fences are available, including picket, garden, and pool, and can be customized with various colors and designs.

Aluminum fences are easy to install and maintain, and they do not require any painting or staining. This fencing option is a great alternative to wrought iron fencing in terms of style, as it brings the same durability and elegance as wrought iron, without being too heavy or challenging to install, and without requiring extensive maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion as you’d expect with wrought iron.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a popular choice for homeowners who desire to secure their property because it is a practical and familiar material. It is made of woven galvanized steel wire that forms a diamond pattern and is available in various heights and gauges to suit diverse needs. They are popular for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and secure in their yard without reducing their view.

Chain link fences are durable, require minimal maintenance, and are resistant to rust and weathering. Additionally, they can be customized with various coatings and colors to blend in with their surroundings. However, some homeowners may not find chain link fences to be aesthetically appealing or provide sufficient privacy.

Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing is a timeless and widely popular option that offers privacy, security, and natural beauty to any property. Typically, wooden fences are constructed using cedar, redwood, pine, or spruce. While cedar and redwood are highly durable, pine and spruce are more readily available but offer less durability.

Wooden fences can be customized with various finishes and stains to complement the property's aesthetics. Regular maintenance is necessary for wooden fences, such as staining, sealing, and repairs, to prevent insect damage and rot.


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