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Color Options and Styles to Choose from ActiveYards for a Vinyl Fence in Essex County, NJ

A vinyl fence is a low-maintenance option that is popular among homeowners. If you are considering installing a vinyl fence at your home in Essex County, NJ, you have numerous color and style options to choose from when you opt for an ActiveYards fence. As a supplier of these types of fences, we’ve put together this list of potential options for a new vinyl fence, depending on color availability.

Color Options and Styles to Choose from ActiveYards for a Vinyl Fence in Essex County, NJ


The Dogwood style vinyl fence is considered the ultimate privacy fence, and it’s ActiveYards’ number one selling privacy fencing style. It offers complete privacy with its simple two-rail design. It’s available in white, sand, khaki, driftwood, and cypress.


The Willow style fence has louvered horizontal boards that allow air to pass through so you can enjoy a breeze. It’s a six-foot-wide fence that is weather-resistant and creates a shadow effect when the sun shines through the boards. It’s available in white or sand.


If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan style, then the Sequoia style may be the way to go. It features matte black aluminum framing with vinyl infill boards. It’s available in white, sand, khaki, driftwood, gray, and cypress.


The Juniper style vinyl fence is a simple and modern style that features a decorative spindle top and clean lines. It offers privacy on the lower portion while still allowing visibility through the top. It’s available in white.

For a classic and elegant look, choose an Arrowwood style fence. The top features a diamond-patterned lattice while the lower portion offers full privacy. It’s available in white.


The Pepperidge style fencing is a style that’s exclusive to ActiveYards. It features modern art deco styling with horizontal infill boards on the lower portion. It’s available in white, driftwood, and cypress.


The Hemlock style is a traditional privacy fence with horizontal boards. It has a clean and modern look. It’s available in white, sand, driftwood, and cypress.


If you’re looking for a transitional style, the Moonstone style fence could be the perfect choice. The picket top offers airflow, while the bottom portion offers privacy. It’s available in white.


The Aspen style fence creates a Colonial look with its scallop spindle top and privacy fence on the bottom. It’s available in white.


For a classic look, consider the Barberry style fence that looks like a traditional dog-ear picket-style wood fence. It offers semi-privacy and is available in white.


For a coastal look, consider the Tupelo style fence that offers semi-privacy. It has 6-inch pickets that are secured by StayStraight rails. It’s available with two or three rails and in a white color.


The Wisteria style fence reflects the Craftsman style of a traditional wood shadowbox fence. It offers both airflow and privacy, and it is available in white.


Another Colonial style option is the Chestnut style fence by Activeyards. It has a signature New England look with smooth lines. It’s available in white and sand.


If you like the look of a traditional white picket fence, then consider the Silverbell style. It’s available with straight or scallop-top pickets and in white or sand.


The Greenbrier style fence is often used around pool areas. It offers a clear view of the other side of the fence while also providing a secure boundary. It’s available in either white or sand.


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