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Aluminum Fence vs. Aluminum Railing: What Is the Difference in the Rockland County, NY, Area

There is a clear difference between an aluminum fence with an aluminum railing, as they each serve a different purpose. If you are considering having either installed at your home in the Rockland County, NY, area, you’ll want to make sure you know the difference between these two features so that you order the correct one for your landscape project. While there aren’t major differences between the way these two look, the application differences are important. Here is how you can tell whether you need an aluminum fence or an aluminum railing.

Aluminum Fence vs. Aluminum Railing: What Is the Difference in the Rockland County, NY, Area

What Is an Aluminum Fence?

An aluminum fence is simply a fence that’s manufactured out of aluminum. A fence is considered an upright structure that encloses an area of ground, such as your backyard or the perimeter of your estate. Aluminum fences are used to control access, preventing entrance into the enclosed area and also preventing access outside of the fenced-in area. You may use an aluminum fence to surround your pool area to prevent children from entering the area without an adult. You may also use an aluminum fence to prevent pets from escaping your front yard or backyard. Oftentimes, fences are used for keeping property, pets, and children secure while also limiting access to your property.

Aluminum fencing has a lot of benefits, which is why many professionals recommend installing this type of fence on your property. It is a highly durable fencing option that requires minimal maintenance. They do not need to be re-painted yet they can maintain their beautiful appearance over time. Plus, they can be installed on a variety of terrains. With rackable aluminum fences, you can ensure that the fence can be installed on a steep slope without having gaps between the ground and the bottom rail where your pets may be able to escape.

What Is an Aluminum Railing?

An aluminum railing is a barrier that is manufactured out of aluminum. This barrier helps prevent falls, usually off of a deck or other structure with a drop-off, such as a balcony or a porch. They’re also used along stairways to provide stability for people walking up and down the stairs.

Aluminum railings have a wider top rail and bottom rail and oftentimes feature a third rail in the middle. The space in between the wider rails may be filled with pickets, glass, cables, or any other barrier.

Why Choose Aluminum for a Fence?

Since aluminum is lightweight yet strong, it is a popular choice for both fencing and railings. It is also a highly versatile material that can be manufactured into various designs and styles for both features. The powder coating on aluminum helps both railings and fences maintain their beautiful appearances over time. It often resembles wrought iron, but while wrought iron requires maintenance, aluminum does not. Plus, aluminum does not rust or corrode as wrought iron often does.

Aluminum is known to be an eco-friendly option because it is recyclable. So you can rest easy knowing that your aluminum railing or fence will not end up in a landfill someday, as long as it is recycled. However, you can expect it to last for many years due to the incredible longevity of aluminum fencing and aluminum railings.


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