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Consider an Aluminum Fence for a Stylish Security Option in Bergen County and Somerset County, NJ

An aluminum fence could provide your property security in addition to style. While there are different materials, aluminum fencing could be built to suit your design aesthetics while remaining durable and low maintenance. Here are a few aluminum fencing styles to look for at a nearby fence supply store in Bergen County and Somerset County, NJ.

Consider an Aluminum Fence for a Stylish Security Option in Bergen County and Somerset County, NJ


Basalt-style aluminum fencing offers an elegant and symmetrical appearance along any perimeter, and colors such as white, matte black, or pewter could seamlessly integrate with modern home architecture. This fence style features square rails, parallel pickets, and wide panels. The fencing could be arranged with varying height options to support the level of security you prefer.


If you’re interested in a more decorative solution to security fencing, diamond-style aluminum fencing features square rails, harbor pickets, minimal picket spacing, wide panels, and tall posts. Along the top, the diamond style features diamond-like accents on every other fence picket, adding a unique and decorative appearance.


Jasper fencing offers square rails, harbor pickets, level picket spacing, wide panels, and fence posts. Along the top, Jasper fencing is level between posts and features a horizontal rail a quarter of the way through the fencing. Along the bottom, Jasper fencing features decorative elements such as closely spaced pickets separating the fence's upper and lower portions. You could also consider adding a curved railing along the top of a segment of fencing and choose between white, matte black, and gray fence colors.


Onyx fencing offers decorative pickets with diamond-like bulbs along the top of the rails. In this style, pickets are exposed along the top and can be arranged at different heights. Onyx fencing could be tailored for security and decorative appeal with even picket spacing, square rails, side panels, and varying height options.

An aluminum fence with plantings along the bottom and climbing plants along the posts could blend in seamlessly with your landscape. Onyx fencing could also feature a driveway gate that provides added security on your property.


Slate-style fencing features more spacing between pickets, posts, and wide panels. You could choose between white, pewter, or matte black. This fencing style could be arranged at different heights, with a gate for a pool and other attractive features. The thicker pickets feature exposed, and decorative elements along the tops of the railing and are even with fence posts heights. If you’re seeking even-spaced pickets with long and pointed decorative rails, consider slate-style fencing for your perimeter security fencing.


If you prefer a tall fence with minimal visibility, consider Travertine style fencing. This fence style features thin, even-spaced pickets within minor gaps. A horizontal fence rail along the top and one along the bottom cuts through the vertical picket fencing. Tall posts and side panels create a symmetrical and elegant appearance between fence segments. Various heights are available, and this fencing could feature a security fence for added measure. Travertine fencing could also be installed with an arched rail section that separates your gate from the rest of your fencing for a more decorative appeal.


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