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How a Fence Store Near Me Helps Choose the Right Materials in Somerset County and Union County, NJ

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Fences are important practical and aesthetic elements of your landscape, and choosing the right materials is important. Here’s how “a fence store near me” helps choose the right materials in Somerset County and Union County, NJ.

It all starts with what you need the fence to do.

How a Fence Store Near Me Helps Choose the Right Materials in Somerset County and Union County, NJ

1. Safety and Security

Home security and pool safety require sturdy fencing that is difficult to climb over. In most cases, it’s also important that the fence is attractive so that it not only performs its function but enhances the property as well.

Aluminum fencing is typically the top choice for security fencing, gates, as well as pool safety fencing. It can look just like classic wrought iron but without the ongoing maintenance hassles. It won’t rust, it does not require painting, and because the panels snap together, you can install it yourself if you’re handy and have the time.

2. Privacy

Anyone whose backyard feels like a fishbowl for the world to see will enjoy the seclusion that a privacy fence offers. Typically, privacy fencing is made of wood or vinyl. Both are great options. Choose wood if you prefer a completely natural look—but be prepared for periodic maintenance (cleaning, staining, or painting, as well as mildew and pest control if needed).

You won’t get the same uniqueness with vinyl, but you can enjoy a strong, durable, and virtually maintenance-free fence that comes in a range of colors, including a wood-look finish.

Some privacy fencing comes with a decorative lattice top. This opens up the look so that the fence looks more like a fence than a wall.

Like aluminum safety and security fencing, a handy DIY homeowner or contractor can install ActiveYards vinyl or wood privacy fencing. The panels snap together securely and you will not have to deal with uneven board spacing or gaps.

3. Pet Containment

Nothing is more terrifying than having your dog run out into traffic. Ensuring a safe space for your furry friend requires fencing that is appropriate for your dog’s breed. Some homeowners will choose the most economical fencing for pet containment, which is chain link fencing. Chain link fencing can be dressed up using privacy strips that weave in and out of the links to add privacy as well as a greener and, depending on your preferences, a more attractive look.

Privacy fencing and security fencing—and for some dogs, even decorative fencing—can also do a great job in containing a pet. The choice comes down to aesthetics.

A sloped property presents extra challenges when containing pets. For the sake of appearances, a fence that is horizontal at the top tends to look better than a fence that follows the contours of the land, but this also means that there will be gaps under the fence that many pets can squeeze through. One option is to use decorative rocks in front of the gaps.

4. Aesthetics

Decorative fencing can be used to define spaces in a landscape. This type of fencing can be installed all the way around the perimeter to add a cozy look to outdoor spaces. You could use it to surround a plant bed or edible garden. Or install it as one or several sections to serve as a focal point at a front entry or to define the road-facing part of the property.

If you need help choosing the right fencing for your needs, our experts are here to help. Stop by, see what your options are—and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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