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How a Vinyl Fence Can Elevate the Look of Your Property in Union County and Hunterdon County, NJ

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

A vinyl fence can be a great addition to your landscape. Here, you can learn how a vinyl fence can elevate the look of your property in Union County and Hunterdon County, NJ.

Vinyl Fence Hunterdon County NJ

Whether you need a privacy fence around your backyard, a decorative fence at your front entry, a way to define your garden area, or the need to make an elegant statement along the street-facing part of your lawn, a vinyl fence could be the perfect solution that offers the looks and practicality you seek.

Vinyl Is Great Value for the Money

If you’re wondering whether your vinyl fence will last—because when vinyl fencing initially came out, it had a reputation for becoming brittle, warped, or yellowed over time—the answer is that technology has changed, and today’s vinyl fences can outlast wood.

Today’s vinyl fencing is made to be virtually indestructible. It can stand up to strong UV light, wind, moisture, and the freeze-thaw cycle without yellowing, cracking, warping, or dry-rotting. It’s also very low-maintenance, and won’t come loose or sag (like wood fencing, where the material can warp or shrink).

Best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive; if you’re relatively handy and are willing to take the time to install your own fence, a vinyl fence will reward you with easy installation with pre-made panels that simply snap securely onto posts.

In short, your vinyl fencing investment is on par with the investment in your home—made to stand the test of time.

Vinyl Is Versatile and Beautiful

Thanks to its strength and its wood-like look, vinyl fencing can be used virtually anywhere you would use a wood fence.

You could achieve several looks on a privacy fence, for example. The classic white privacy fence with vertical pickets can elevate a historical home or a simple suburban contemporary style. To lighten the look or to complement a beautiful Victorian home, you could opt for a privacy fence style that features a diagonal lattice accent along the top.

The white privacy fence look wouldn’t necessarily go with a wood-sided home or an ultra-modern home. In which case, our selection of ActiveYards fences has you covered. Instead of basic white, you could choose vinyl that is colored to look like stained wood, use contrasting colors on the pickets and posts, and choose a model where the pickets are oriented horizontally.

If you admire the look of a classic wood picket fence, vinyl can do the job without the painstaking process of painting the fence every couple of years. The same goes for classic post-and-rail fences that are sturdy enough to keep your equine friends contained in their pasture—just like a sturdy wood fence—but won’t get chewed by bored horses, and will not require staining or painting.

Pair a scalloped-top picket fence on the “view” side with a taller scallop-topped privacy fence on the “ugly view” side—a great way to get the best of both worlds in complementary fencing.

For partial privacy without the solid wall look, you could choose the stylish Tupelo fence that places slight gaps between wide pickets for a more airy look that still offers some privacy.

To complement a modern home, the Hawthorne fence could be the ideal solution. Its simple, clean lines and slim pickets are a trending look.

The Persimmon model features aluminum bars near the top of this solid-bottomed privacy fence that could pair well with a traditional home.


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