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How to Choose the Right Fencing Materials for Your Project in Rockland County and Orange County, NY

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Building your own fence on your property will give you a huge sense of pride in improving your land. The biggest decision you’ll make for your fencing project is which kind of material to use. Each common fencing material has advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll go over here. Here’s how to choose the right fencing materials for your project in Rockland County and Orange County, NY.

How to Choose the Right Fencing Materials for Your Project in Rockland County and Orange County, NY

The Security of Chain Link Fencing

As one of the most commonly used fencing materials, chain link can be used in many different applications. Chain link is incredibly strong and long-lasting. It is primarily used for security and does an excellent job of containing pets. It’s very strong and will last many years. Chain link fences are nearly invisible from a distance. The only drawback of chain link fences is that they are by and large not the most attractive option, but they do get the job done, and you can add wood-look or foliage-look privacy inserts to transform it into a privacy fence. Chain link comes in rolls of different sizes, so it’s relatively simple to install with a helper.

The Elegance of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is incredibly strong and long-lasting. In the modern age, aluminum has all but replaced wrought iron as a fencing material for elegant homes. Iron rusts quickly if it isn’t painted regularly and is heavy and difficult to install or replace. Aluminum, on the other hand, is lightweight without compromising integrity. Aluminum doesn’t rust, so maintenance will be very low over time. And installation is surprisingly easy if you choose ActiveYards fences: Just snap the panels into place!

The Warmth of Wood Fencing

It doesn’t matter if your home is more rustic or more contemporary—there is always a wide arrangement of styles to choose from with wood fencing. For that natural look that many homeowners prefer, perhaps nothing comes close to a wood fence. Because of the variability of how wood is cut for different designs, a wood fence is versatile and unique. Wood fences are a top choice for privacy, with large boards. They can also be used as perimeter fences, for pet containment (with the addition of wire field fence) or as decorative fences. Wood can be stained or painted to suit your decor. Left untreated, wood will degrade, so it’s important to set aside time once in a while to preserve the quality of your gorgeous wood fence. Some ActiveYards fencing comes in pre-assembled panels that simply snap into place.

The Versatility of Vinyl Fencing

Considered the most modern of fencing materials, vinyl is arguably the most versatile. Vinyl fences are heat-molded rather than cut or bent into place, which means that they have the ability to be many different shapes, thicknesses, and textures. A vinyl fence can mimic the look of an aluminum fence or a wood fence while keeping its own properties of strength and longevity.

Vinyl is an incredibly strong material, and it requires very little maintenance over the years. It doesn’t stain, though it may need the occasional scrubbing if mold appears in moist areas. The wonderful look of the wood grain can be mimicked with vinyl fencing and even come in a variety of colors that apply to your home and landscape aesthetics.


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