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Selecting Fencing Materials for a Front Yard in Orange County and Westchester County, NY

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

A beautiful fence can make a real statement in your front yard, whether its purpose is mostly functional or purely decorative. But with so many options, how do you choose the best materials? Here are our tips for selecting fencing materials for a front yard in Orange County and Westchester County, NY.

Fencing Materials Westchester county NY

Decorative Fencing

Many homes feature decorative fences that act as a focal point near the front entry, define the road-facing part of the property, or extend along the driveway to define the space. The classic white picket fence or a more rustic post-and-rail ranch fence are favorites for this application. Those options present a friendly vibe—not quite intended to keep anyone out (or pets in), but to add visual interest.

Both white picket fences and post-and-rail ranch fences are available in wood, as well as vinyl.

Wood is a classic fencing material choice that would give your front yard a unique character no other material can match. However, it comes with a price: maintenance. A wood fence must be painted or sealed regularly unless you prefer the weathered look, which is beautiful but could affect the longevity of your fence.

A virtually zero-maintenance option is vinyl fencing. Today’s vinyl fencing is far advanced from fences of years ago. Vinyl won’t yellow or warp in the sun. It’s extremely strong and lasts a long time. If you want a more rustic decorative fence but a fence that is not painted, then opt for wood so that you can enjoy the qualities of wood. However, if your decorative fence will be painted, then vinyl deserves to be a top option for the fact that it won’t require repainting every couple of years.

ActiveYards vinyl fences can be a great option for purely decorative fencing, or for decorative fencing that also has light-duty applications such as around an edible garden, a petite pollinator garden, or to contain small pets.

Functional Fencing

If your front yard will be completely enclosed to enhance your home’s security, then aluminum fencing could be your best bet. You can achieve a light and airy feel (as opposed to the blank wall look and feel of a privacy fence) with aluminum.

This material can look just like classic wrought iron, but you will be spared ongoing maintenance. Aluminum does not rust, it does not require painting, it is lighter than iron (therefore, easier to install) and extremely strong. ActiveYards aluminum fences snap together easily, and there are no ugly visible screws to mar the appearance of the fence.

If your pets will be hanging out in the front yard, aluminum fencing is a great option. Just be sure to get fencing tall enough to contain your pet, and consider installing chicken wire under the dirt to discourage digging.

Vinyl fencing is also good for pet containment in the front yard and can give your home a somewhat friendlier “face” than aluminum security fencing. The classic white picket fence style is a great option, but know that we have many more styles you can see in our showroom, that could work even better with your home’s architectural style.

If you need assistance choosing the right fencing for your decorative or functional needs, our experts are here to help. Stop by our showroom, and see the choices in person.


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