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Keep Your Balcony Safe Yet Beautiful With a Vinyl Railing in Orange County and Rockland County, NY

Updated: May 1, 2023

Balconies can give homeowners the sense that they’re in their own castle. Aside from expanding the surface area of a level above the ground, balconies provide opportunities for outdoor enjoyment with the nearby comfort of the indoors. By extension, a balcony can actually become a main feature of your outdoor living space. Here’s how to keep your balcony safe yet beautiful with a vinyl railing in Orange County and Rockland County, NY.

Keep Your Balcony Safe Yet Beautiful With a Vinyl Railing in Orange County

The Nature of Vinyl

As a fencing and railing material, vinyl has been taking the residential world by storm as a practical and long-lasting alternative to wood. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of vinyl railings:

  • Vinyl is much more lightweight than metal fences and its hollowness can even mean that it might be lighter than wood. This makes for easier installation, especially on second-story balconies.

  • Vinyl doesn’t need to be re-stained or re-painted as the color is integral to the material. By contrast, wood railings and wrought iron railings need ongoing maintenance to preserve their integrity.

  • Vinyl doesn’t splinter like wood does. Modern vinyl railings will also not warp or yellow in the sun. Vinyl will remain attractive for many years.

  • Most of all, vinyl is strong. Even though its lightweight and longer lengths are very slightly flexible, vinyl railings will not snap under normal use. Vinyl will make an incredibly safe balcony with the same visual appeal as a gorgeous wood or wrought-iron fence.

Complementing the Home

The home’s architectural style will dictate the appearance of your vinyl balcony railing. From a design perspective, vinyl is a versatile material that can complement virtually any style of home, from rustic to traditional to modern. Since many styles are available, the best way to get a feel for the differences is to visit our showroom.

Smart Color Options

While vinyl color options are somewhat limited (you can’t, for example, custom-match colors), the colors chosen by the manufacturer are versatile—often neutrals that complement any style. For example, you could achieve a completely different look using a bright white railing or a black, charcoal, or two-toned railing. Choose your style first, and then explore the variations in color and the ways that color can create a different feel.

Easy Cleaning

Vinyl railings are incredibly low-maintenance. They simply need to be scrubbed with soap and water when they get dirty.

Scratch Resistance

Any railing is bound to get scratched up once in a while by moving furniture or falling tree branches. Since vinyl railings aren’t painted, there’s no paint to chip or scratch away. Even with a mild scratch, a vinyl railing will look great for much longer without needing to be repaired. If a repair is necessary, you don’t have to replace the entire railing, just one section (or post).

The Assembly of Vinyl Fences and Railings

ActiveYards vinyl fences and railings are designed to be a fantastic assembly project for DIY homeowners. These railing kits have many design styles and are intended to be the easiest time you may ever have putting a railing together. Building the posts for your balcony railing can be the first phase of the project. Then, as we can show you, the panels will snap into place. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful and safe railing that elevates your home and outdoor living spaces.


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