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Why Opt for a Vinyl Fence for Privacy in Westchester County and Orange County, NY?

Installing a privacy fence can dramatically change the way your landscape looks and the way you and your family use it. The feeling of seclusion you get from a secured backyard—whether it’s purely for privacy or to contain pets—can make the space feel so much more welcome. Here’s why, when selecting a fencing material for your privacy in Westchester County and Orange County, NY, you may be drawn to the option of a vinyl fence.

Why Opt for a Vinyl Fence for Privacy in Westchester County and Orange County, NY?

Advantages to Other Materials

Other fencing materials commonly used for privacy applications are chain link (with faux foliage or faux wood insert) and wood. Chain link fencing needs an added mesh screen or other material on top to block the view from outside, and it is not typically considered the most attractive, though the addition of faux foliage strips can make it blend beautifully into the landscape.

Wood fencing traditionally has been the most common type of privacy fence because of the ease of cutting wood into different shapes and sizes. However, wood fences are relatively high maintenance. They usually need to be stained or painted every few years to avoid deterioration.

Vinyl fencing can make for the best privacy fencing because it eliminates the downsides of other materials. Vinyl fencing isn’t unsightly like chain link fencing, it doesn’t require routine maintenance like wood fencing—and it can be surprisingly easy to install.

The Appearance of Wood

Vinyl fencing is molded in a factory to achieve a consistent and durable product. The most elegant and stylistic wood fences can be imitated with vinyl. Wood has a specific texture and if someone looks closely, they’ll be able to tell a vinyl fence isn’t painted or stained wood.

However, a similar texture is achieved during manufacturing by imitating the look of wood grain. While vinyl isn’t available in the same color varieties as unstained wood, there are several styles —including those with contrasting posts—that can work with nearly any architectural style.

Vertical or Horizontal

The individual slats of a vinyl fence can be arranged in either a horizontal or vertical fashion. The contemporary horizontal board style offers a fresh look for a privacy fence and it helps to visually expand the look of an enclosed space. The more traditional vertical board style can evoke a classic and familiar look and feel.

Many Decorative Styles

There’s no reason for a vinyl fence to appear boring or bland. Even if the basic style is achieved using a uniform horizontal or vertical structure, there are plenty of ornamental additions that can adorn the top of the fence or accents within the structure: lattice tops, different fence post caps, and two-toned fencing designs would give you plenty of options to customize your fence.

Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is well known for being virtually maintenance-free. Accidents aside, there are few instances during the lifespan of your fence when you would need to replace posts or panels. Regular cleaning will help the fence to stay looking fresh, but you can pack away your paint brushes because the color is integral to the product and won’t peel or flake off.

Easy Installation

Vinyl fence panels from ActiveYards are designed during manufacturing to snap securely into place, greatly simplifying the installation process. You’ll be amazed at how fast your DIY vinyl privacy fence can be installed.


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