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Looking for Something Low Maintenance? An Aluminum Fence Is a Great Option in Essex County, NJ

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance fence option for your home in the Essex County, NJ, area, an ActiveYards aluminum fence may be exactly what you need. These fences have the timeless look of a wrought iron fence but without the hassle of all of the maintenance that wrought iron fences require. While they may need cleaning periodically, they do not need to be painted and also don’t corrode. Aluminum fences have more benefits than just being low-maintenance, however.

Looking for Something Low Maintenance? An Aluminum Fence Is a Great Option in Essex County, NJ


Despite how lightweight they are, aluminum fences are known for being strong and durable. In many cases, these fences can remain in great condition for 30 years or more. How long the fence lasts depends on various factors, including the location where it is installed. They are known to be durable in various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind. In fact, ActiveYards fencing has been tested to prove that their finishes perform at twice the level of the competitors, proving their high level of durability.

Design Aesthetics

ActiveYards manufactures aluminum fencing in a variety of design styles. Whether you prefer a contemporary style, transitional style, modern style, or traditional style, you will be able to find a fence that works with your design aesthetic. You can choose fences with two or three rails, spear-headed pickets, alternating pickets, or top flat rails.

You can choose from black or white for the fence color. If you want the look of wrought iron, then you may want to choose the black color. If your home is lighter in color, you may want to choose white—but it depends upon your personal preferences. White can brighten up an outdoor space. If your neighbors have an aluminum fence, it’s usually a good idea to build your fence in the same color for continuity.

You can also choose from a variety of accessories to add character and style. Add a decorative element to your fence posts with a ball cap, solar cap, or pyramid cap. You can also have butterfly scrolls or circles added between the rails for flair.

When it comes to fence gates, you also have options for style and hardware. You may prefer a gate that blends in well with the rest of the fence, or perhaps you want a gate with an arched top–both are options you can consider. You can also choose from pool-safe hardware options and heavy-duty hinges.


Is your property hilly, or does it have areas with difficult terrain? ActiveYards aluminum fences are rackable to accommodate such applications. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may be pleased with the ease of installation. However, there are plenty of fence installers who would be eager to install the fence for you.


While aluminum fences tend to have a long lifespan, they can be recycled when the time comes. You may not be the one to change out the fence, but you can rest assured that by choosing an aluminum fence, you aren’t contributing to filling up the landfills in the future. They’re a more environmentally friendly option that you can be proud of choosing for your home.


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