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Need Help Choosing a Vinyl Fence in Passaic County and Essex County, NJ Areas? Remember These Tips

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

A fence is a great investment in your family’s safety and can have an effect on your home’s overall visual appeal. But, with so many choices, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Need help choosing a vinyl fence in Passaic County and Essex County, NJ? Here’s what the pros may recommend.

Need Help Choosing a Vinyl Fence in Passaic County and Essex County, NJ Areas? Remember These Tips

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl is often the material of choice for privacy fencing as well as decorative fencing. Whether you want to create a backyard oasis or beautify your home’s entry, vinyl is a versatile material suitable for the job.

Vinyl fencing is manufactured in many different styles meant to complement virtually any home.

Some vinyl fences are created to look like painted wood but without the hassle of frequent sanding and painting. These styles include the classic white picket fence that can surround a garden or define an entryway; post-and-rail fences that look stunning as an accent to the driveway or front yard; or modern privacy fences with a variety of tops to suit your style.

And speaking of tops, there are many fence styles to consider within each category.

Vinyl privacy fences are available with a lattice top for a lighter, more airy feel. Or you could opt for a subtly scalloped top, which gives the wonderful combination of a privacy fence and the lightness of a picket fence. Other options: a wiry aluminum picket top for an industrial look or a solid, sturdy wall-style fence that gives a sense of complete seclusion.

Vinyl privacy fencing can also look like stained wood. Some styles feature vertical pickets for a more traditional look; others feature darker posts and top rails and horizontal pickets, which is a trending modern look.

As well, privacy screens—with a slight gap between pickets—are a way to create a private feel in the backyard without the visual heft of a full privacy fence.

Decorative vinyl picket fences also come in a variety of tops ranging from straight to scalloped tops. The broad pickets are just begging for a little Tom Sawyer painting action—but never fear, these fences are virtually maintenance-free!

By contrast, the sleek look of vinyl security and pool fencing—with narrower pickets and a robust top rail—is a more modern look whether you’re looking for actual security fencing or just a decorative touch along a front walkway.

Post and rail fences such as the Crossbuck or a simple three- or four-rail ranch fence could give your property a timeless appeal, whether the fence is used to contain a horse or is purely for decorative purposes.

Are Any Styles Easier to Install Than Others?

We are proud to feature ActiveYards fences, which can be assembled on site. The fence panels snap onto the rails using a secure click-lock system that prevents any uneven boards, gaps, or blowouts. And we support you every step of the way with comprehensive guides that outline the step-by-step process of planning your fence, selecting and purchasing the right materials (in the right quantity), and installing your fence to professional-level specifications.

Choose from an incredible variety of vinyl fence styles, colors that fit with numerous decorating themes, three heights to suit your needs and up to three grades.

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