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The Reasons to Favor an Aluminum Fence for a Small Property in Bergen County and Union County, NJ

Finding the right fencing material for a small property can be a frustrating experience if you are not sure where to start. You need an understanding of your options and expertise to help guide you. Here are some reasons to favor an aluminum fence for a small property in Bergen County and Union County, NJ.

The Reasons to Favor an Aluminum Fence for a Small Property in Bergen County and Union County, NJ

Ease of Installation

Your aluminum fence project can go smoothly if you focus on the ActiveYards line of aluminum fences, which can be completely assembled from start to finish by homeowners and contractors alike. These aluminum fences are manufactured in a wide range of designs and styles to make the easiest installation possible. Once the post holes have been dug and posts set up, the prefabricated panels simply need to be snapped securely into place.

Aesthetic Pairings

Besides the many styles of aluminum fence that mimic the look of wrought iron, there are also plenty of contemporary styles perfect for ultramodern or rustic homes—and even cottages and bungalows.

What’s often most appealing about an aluminum fence is its visual lightness. Visually heavy fences such as wood or vinyl can create a very distinct boundary around the home, and thus make the space feel smaller.

Aluminum fences are constructed using thin pickets that don’t block the views of the home and landscape features. The typical colors for an aluminum fence are black, white, or dark gray, so they can fit with any color scheme. The design of an aluminum fence means that plenty of light always passes through and the beauty of your landscape and home can also shine through the fence.

Choosing a dark color can render the fence nearly invisible from certain angles, which will create a more expansive feel around a small property.

Low Maintenance

The look of a wrought iron fence is a timeless addition. The beautiful craft of wrought iron has elevated many properties, both large and small, throughout the centuries. However, it has a propensity to rust rather quickly, especially in humid environments. Therefore, real wrought iron must be painted every few years to protect the surface of the metal from deteriorating—a costly and time-consuming maintenance project.

Luckily, aluminum doesn’t rust and does not need to be repainted. Aluminum fences are powder-coated with several attractive colors. This coating doesn’t chip off like paint, and it doesn’t deteriorate over time, so your aluminum fence will stay strong and beautiful for decades.


Aluminum has proven to be an especially strong material that will adorn a property and enhance the look of a home. It’s also surprisingly lightweight when compared to wrought iron fences, yet has the strength to stand up to the elements. You can be sure that your aluminum fence will retain its durability against the elements.


Aluminum fences are sturdy physical barriers between the outside world and your small property. The vertical bars are near impossible to climb, so it’s also great for keeping pets and toddlers safe inside.

Advice and Support

While the different models of aluminum fences available are designed to be done by DIY homeowners, there are sometimes unforeseen challenges in an individual project. Beyond the instructional videos and guides we have available, we also offer advice and support for aluminum fence installations.


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