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Which Style of Aluminum Fence Is Best for a Morris County and Essex County, NJ, Property?

In finding the perfect fence, you’ve likely come across many wonderful variations of aluminum fencing. Aluminum fences are practical and beautiful additions to any landscape, but sometimes choosing a style can be a challenge. Which style of aluminum fence is best for a Morris County and Essex County, NJ, property? We can help.

Which Style of Aluminum Fence Is Best for a Morris County and Essex County, NJ, Property?

A Traditional Home: Ornate Beauty

Aluminum fencing is often a preferred choice where wrought iron would have been used in the past. Wrought-iron is high-maintenance in that it needs frequent painting to prevent rust. Aluminum fencing won’t rust or flake thanks to its powder coated finish.

If the home is traditional and you want to enhance it with a classic wrought iron look, you could choose a style with ornate finishes—especially in the front yard. Backyard fences tend to be simpler. These can include fence designs where the top rail is below the top of the pickets, exposing the tops of the pickets, which have an ornate finish. Choose a fence color (black, pewter, or white) depending on the style and color theme of the home, and whether you want the fence to have a prominent or a subtle presence.

A Modern Home: Sleek Simplicity

Modern design aesthetics often feature a return to simplicity. The minimalistic approach emphasizes long unbroken lines and little if any ornamentation—placing the emphasis on the design and the materials, rather than embellishment. An aluminum fence that features thin pickets and a bold single top rail allows for unobstructed views of the landscape. Simple fences in darker colors such as black or pewter let the home take center stage but have a distinct presence of their own. You could choose a white fence if you want the fence to stand out, or if the home features a lot of white.

An Estate-Style Home: Elegance and Security

Aluminum fencing styles with pickets that rise above the top rail and point like arrowheads to the sky give a strong “no trespassing” signal. The message is clear, and yet the fence can be a thing of beauty, too. For the most subtle look, choose black or pewter fencing. White could be a beautiful pairing with a large Cape Cod style home or any home with predominantly white accents.

Backyard Pet Containment

While large pets won’t stand a chance of escaping through an aluminum fence, small and agile pets could find their way through the pickets in some fences. Thankfully, we feature an ActiveYards aluminum fence with double pickets along the bottom to discourage small pets from even trying to squeeze through while allowing them to see the world around them. And the double picket bottom doesn’t take away from the elegance of the fence.

Decorative Fencing

The variety in designs of aluminum fencing allow it to be used as a decorative feature while protecting flower beds or edible gardens from hungry deer. As with other aluminum fence applications, choosing the right color will help integrate the fence into your landscape design. Glossy black can re-create the look of classic wrought iron fencing. Matte black or pewter colors help the fence blend in with the surroundings rather than standing out as a focal point—against a lush green landscape, the fence becomes almost invisible. White makes a statement and brings attention to the fence while complementing a predominantly white or light-colored home.


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