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What Fencing Materials Are Needed for a Project in the Bergen County and Union County, NJ, Areas?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

A fence serves many functions, so choosing the right materials to get the outcome you want is important for a successful outdoor project. If you are wondering what fencing materials are needed for your project in the Bergen County and Union County, NJ, areas, here’s what you need to know.

How a Fence Store Near Me Helps Choose the Right Materials in Somerset County and Union County, NJ

1. Security (Perimeter and Pool)

A sturdy aluminum fence is often the top choice for home security and pool safety. It’s difficult to climb over yet provides an open and airy feel that adds an elegant beauty to the landscape. Today’s aluminum fencing is superior to wrought iron in many ways: It’s much lighter and therefore easier to install; it won’t require painting or rustproofing; and it comes in a variety of styles that suit any architectural style. DIY installation is a breeze, too, if you use ActiveYards aluminum fencing, which comes in panels that snap together with no visible screws or bolts.

Alternatively, vinyl privacy fencing can also meet the need for security as well as add an element of privacy to your outdoor living spaces.

2. Privacy

Privacy is important, particularly in neighborhoods where homes are close together. Most privacy fencing is typically made of either wood or vinyl. Both are great options. Both materials come in a solid “wall” look (solid panels), or with decorative lattice tops that provide a more airy and open feel.

Choose vinyl if you want a maintenance-free fence (no painting or staining), or choose wood if you prefer the unique character of a natural material. Today’s vinyl fencing won’t yellow or warp, and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting, fuss-free fence.

With wood, you’ll have some periodic maintenance including cleaning as well as staining or painting, but you’ll be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind fence that you can customize as you wish over the years, such as changing the color.

3. Decorative Fencing

Add character to your front yard with a decorative fence. In most cases, decorative fencing only consists of a few sections that run along the road-facing part of the front yard, along the driveway, or along the front walkway. This can be virtually any style you like.

A ranch-style post-and-rail fence could be just the ticket to give your home a “country estate” feel. A white picket fence could give your home a charming and warm cottage appearance.

Decorative fences could be made using wood or vinyl, depending on whether you prefer the authenticity of wood or the easy maintenance of vinyl.

4. Pet Containment and Gardens

If you have an edible garden, you will probably want to surround it with a fence to keep the deer, pets, or young kids from trampling your veggies. For best results, consider going with the same type of fencing you would use elsewhere in the landscape. If it’s the only fence, then an aluminum security fence, or a wood or vinyl picket fence would do the job and add beauty to your landscape.

Ensuring a safe haven for your furry friends requires sturdy fencing that works with your dog’s breed. While chain link fencing is often considered the most economical fencing for pet containment, it may not give you the look you want: For this reason it’s most commonly used in backyards where looks are less important than function. If your pet has the run of the yard, a vinyl privacy fence, a taller picket fence, or an aluminum security fence could be considered better options.

If you need help choosing the right fencing, we are here to help. Come see the options, and we’ll happily answer your questions.

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