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Why a Chain Link Fence Could Be the Answer for Your Large Yard in Passaic County, NJ

When you have to add a fence to a large property, you may wonder what your best choice of fencing material will be. All fencing materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the first decision you may want to make is which material will meet your needs. Chain link is often overlooked because it’s not considered “decorative,” but it can prove to be a fantastic choice for DIY homeowners. Here’s why a chain link fence could be the answer for your large yard in Passaic County, NJ.

Why a Chain Link Fence Could Be the Answer for Your Large Yard in Passaic County, NJ

The Most Affordable Fencing Material

The cost of fencing a large yard can be astronomical. You generally want to forget wood, wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl as fencing materials if cost is the top concern. Chain link is usually considered the most affordable fencing material.

Aside from initial cost, factor in the long-term cost of a fence. Chain link features a flexible mesh that is incredibly durable, giving you lasting value through the years. In fact, chain link could very well be the last fence you need to buy to secure your property. Chain link can be installed by the average homeowner with minimal help from professionals, which means no added installation costs.

Versatility in Applications

The chain link fence can be used all over your landscape in various applications. As a perimeter fence, a chain link fence can blend into the background and provide long-lasting security for your property. As a pet containment fence, you’ll feel relief knowing that your pets are going to be safe if left alone for a few hours. As a pool fence, you’ll be glad to know that animals and small children won’t be able to get into the pool unsupervised.

No Regular Maintenance

A chain link fence will never need any regular maintenance during its long lifespan. With incredibly durable stainless steel as the entire composition of the structure, it will hold up against all types of weather. Chain link won’t rust, yellow, warp, splinter, or attract mold. With plenty of space for air and snow to pass through, the fence won’t buckle under high winds or the snow drifts of blizzard conditions.

Maintaining the View

In addition to letting air pass through, a chain link fence also provides ample openings for light. This effect will keep all of your enclosed spaces open and airy, never blocking natural light or views. Since the steel wires are so small, you will barely even be able to notice that it’s there when looking from a distance—especially if you choose a dark color.

Straightforward Installation

One of the best aspects of a chain link fence is that it’s relatively quick to install. A chain link fence comes in three main pieces and some smaller components. The three main pieces are posts, rails, and rolls of chain link mesh. Once the posts are set in cement, the rails will be attached. Then, the rolls of chain link are unfurled and attached to the posts and rails. Smaller components will finish the fence. In the case of a section breaking due to a tree falling or other accident, you can simply replace the affected section.

Decorative Accents

Chain link comes in different colors, and you can add faux wood or faux foliage inserts to make the fence more attractive even in the front yard.


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