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Why Choose ActiveYards for Your Vinyl Fence in the Rockland County, NY, Area?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Are you adding a fence to your Rockland County, NY, area yard? If so, have you considered the merits of vinyl fencing? Modern ActiveYards vinyl fencing offers elegant designs, minimal maintenance, and privacy. Here are some compelling reasons to choose a vinyl fence that complements your home and landscape aesthetic.

Why Choose Rockland County NY ActiveYards for Your Vinyl Fence?

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

The benefits of ActiveYards vinyl fencing can’t be beaten. This type of fencing doesn’t scratch, making it ideal for homeowners with dogs and children who can be hard on a fence. It will not need painting either.

Cleaning a vinyl fence is as easy as having your home pressure-washed once a year to clean away the dirt and grime. The fence surface won’t rot or splinter, offering longevity that can be hard to match in other fencing options.

Vinyl Fencing Selections

A fence supplier can help you choose the style that best suits your yard and intended use. With so many choices, there is a vinyl fence for every yard and home aesthetic.

The Arrowwood: The Arrowwood can be a great choice for you when you want more privacy in your yard. The vertical lower slats are close together and finished with a lovely trellis on top. The white fence color can work with any home style to let you spend time in your backyard, feeling secure and relaxed.

The Aspen: The Aspen resembles the Arrowwood with its tight vertical slats at the bottom but the upper picket pattern has an appealing curve. This curve can echo a circular outdoor fire pit and the curving edges of your landscape beds for a unified appearance.

The Barberry and Buckeye: The Barberry and Buckeye are enclosure fences that offer some privacy but are aimed more at providing a boundary around your space. They are composed of vertical slats that have some space between them so you can see out of the yard. The height is lower than the privacy fences, but the Buckeye offers the curving slat top to offer a pretty, decorative finished look.

The Chestnut: The Chestnut is a favorite of homeowners for its authentic picket look and sturdy posts with caps. You can easily use the Chestnut in the front yard for a decorative fence that defines a space or in the backyard to complement the inviting landscape beds. You will look out over the landscape and love the look of the Chestnut.

The Crossbuck: The Crossbuck has the look of a farm fence without the potential rotting and replacement requirements. Its white components make a statement in the landscape and can be ideal to follow a long driveway or a field.

The Fusion: The Fusion has the look of an urban wood fence that can be installed with either vertical or horizontal planks separated by modern black posts. It can be the perfect choice for a more contemporary landscape design that favors simplicity.

Vinyl fences can enclose your swimming pool, increase the privacy you want in your backyard as you relax or entertain by the fire pit, and be the perfect addition to your farm as attractive, maintenance-free ranch rail fencing. Modern vinyl fencing could be considered the epitome of artistry meeting technology.


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