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Vinyl Fence Options Provided by a Fence Store Near Me in the Rockland County, NY, Area

Putting a fence around your home’s perimeter can increase the security and privacy of your property. If you’re seeking such an enclosure to protect a landscape, you may want to consider a vinyl fence system in the Rockland County, NY, area. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance and offers durability with an elegant appearance. Here is a roundup of the styles you may want to consider as you search for a “fence store near me.”

Vinyl Fence Options Provided by a Fence Store Near Me in the Rockland County, NY, Area


Arrowwood-style fencing features vinyl boards with privacy lattices across the top. The panels and rails can provide a decorative appearance while helping maintain the privacy you may want within your backyard. The panel-like boards, structure, and elegance of Arrowwood vinyl fencing may fit well in various front yard or backyard settings.


A hallmark feature of Barberry vinyl fencing is the slight spacing between its dog ear boards. This style can feature varying heights and white or neutral shades. Additionally, you can install Barberry fencing with an aluminum insert in the posts to build stronger weather resistance.


Crossbuck vinyl fencing can accommodate farm, pasture, and perimeter fencing needs. A segment of fencing can feature a single rail above, and one below the two center pieces crossed over each other, along with a long post or end post between a set. The end rails can be installed to establish a perimeter on your property.


If you’re seeking to fence your pool or yard, consider the clean and linear design of Greenbrier vinyl fencing. In this style, long pickets with even spacing are enclosed by four panels: one above, one below, and one on each side. This fencing can also feature a locked gate, which helps maintain an entry and exit point near a pool or front yard.


Juniper vinyl fencing features picket spacing along the top of its fence boards for a decorative appearance. The Juniper style offers color variety, and its stable, wall-like formation can accompany decorative rails.


Moonstone fencing is unique in that it features picket spacing above its vinyl panels. You can see between the pickets above, but the fencing underneath suits the privacy you may be seeking. The decorative rails between uniformed sections add to the look and durability of the fence. If you like the style of picket and panel, Moonstone can feature a perfect balance between the two.

Silverbell Scalloped Down

For a stylish fence, Silverbell Scalloped Down vinyl fencing features a white-picket fence appearance with a twist. Decorative panels can be installed with your choice of picket lengths to form a scalloped fence pattern. You’ll see a Silverbell-styled fence with picket spacing but a scoop-like appearance along the top.


Tupelo vinyl fencing may help establish an enclosed boundary for your backyard. This fencing style features narrow spacing between its wide vinyl boards. You can have this fence installed with three rails: one along the top, one in the center, and one at the bottom. This pattern is separated by decorative posts. Tupelo fencing can also feature aluminum inserts to help fortify your fencing.


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