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A Look at Fencing Materials You Can Find at a Fence Store Near Me in Rockland County, NY

Fencing materials can have unique characteristics, such as decorative features and color variations. If you are seeking to install a fence on a home or business property, here's a look at fencing materials you can find at “a fence store near me” in Rockland County, NY.

A Look at Fencing Materials You Can Find at a Fence Store Near Me in Rockland County, NY

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is low maintenance and durable, and comes in various styles. Depending on the main purpose of adding fencing to a home or business, vinyl can be an excellent choice to provide security and privacy and maintain an aesthetically pleasing view. Cottonwood or Hawthorne style can create a secluding feel in your backyard for pool fencing and could be a suitable choice. Additional features, such as a gate, could also suit vinyl fencing styles and materials.


When a home or business requires privacy and security, aluminum fencing could be a solid choice that maintains elegance while establishing a perimeter. Consider aluminum fencing styles like Amethyst, Granite, or Jasper for fencing in a business setting that you also want to look inviting, such as around a courtyard.

The durability of aluminum and creative style elements in picket fencing and decorative features could help establish privacy. Consider the need to include a gate in your pool fence or for the area in front of your driveway.


Wood is a visually appealing and natural material that can suit different fencing needs, such as maximal privacy and security. Consider high-quality wood to create a beautiful and decorative fence surrounding a backyard, pool, or along the perimeter of the landscape. Metal posts and frames also add strength and durability to wood fences.

Board-on-board wood fencing could suit a backyard when seeking a more private outdoor living space. Horizontal space boarding, spaced picket styles, or solid board fencing could suit different aesthetics for a home landscape. Wood is also a material that could be paired with chain link material for privacy slats.

Chain Link

Considered a less expensive option and often preferred for offering visibility, chain link is a popular material for fencing along many landscapes and could suit any business or home-related goals. This material is suitable when seeking more security and privacy without entirely blocking beautiful outdoor views. Some options to consider for chain link fencing include vinyl-coated, galvanized, and welded-wire. The versatility of chain link fencing adds ease to installations.

Green vinyl-coated chain link fencing could be chosen to blend into the surrounding elements of nature and help provide peace of mind when kids or pets are playing outside. Galvanized chain links or black vinyl-coated chain links are long-lasting materials and would suit any business's privacy and secluding needs. Also, chain link fencing could be paired with wooden posts or permahedge slats for stability and privacy.

Vinyl and Aluminum Railings

Railings could be helpful for a deck or raised patio area in a front or backyard. Vinyl and aluminum railings could provide the same functionality and aesthetics as fencing but differ in height and design. Titan railing styles could be modern, if your patio or deck are modern too, and help you keep all aspects of your landscape accessible.


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