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Fencing Materials That Can Achieve a Timeless Look in Somerset County, NJ

Some of the greatest pride in owning a home can come from improving the landscape. Building a DIY fence is an achievable project but it may sometimes be difficult to know which material to choose. The right fencing material depends on your practical and aesthetic requirements. The following fencing materials can achieve a timeless look for homes in Somerset County, NJ.

Fencing Materials That Can Achieve a Timeless Look in Somerset County, NJ

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is often a top choice for home and pool security. The no-climb style and sturdy construction clearly say “stay out”; but aluminum fences are also designed to be relatively unobtrusive. With slender pickets that don’t obstruct the view, the result is a secure yet open feeling.

Whether your home is firmly planted in the architectural styles of previous centuries or on the cutting edge of today’s architecture, there is an aluminum fencing style that can pay tribute to it and enhance your landscape. Aluminum fences will create that timeless look by mimicking wrought iron or using a modern style.

The aluminum fence has essentially replaced its aging cousin, the wrought-iron fence. The older style is well-known for being a beautiful addition to any traditional and rustic home, though it has its drawbacks. First, wrought iron is highly susceptible to rust, which means the fence would need to be painted every few years. Wrought-iron fences can also be quite heavy and difficult to replace.

Aluminum, on the other hand, requires absolutely no maintenance. Its color is permanent, and aluminum itself is not vulnerable to weather. Despite its lightweight, aluminum is an extremely strong material built to last as long as the home it protects.

Aluminum is also particularly lightweight and easy to install, especially when you choose aluminum fences from ActiveYards, which feature pre-built panels that snap securely onto posts—no welding needed. Once post holes are dug and posts settled in concrete, pre-built panels lock into place.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing can be a surprisingly contemporary addition to a landscape. Most commonly used as a substitute for wood fences—whether it’s a privacy fence, quaint white picket fence, or ranch fence—vinyl can pay tribute to both traditional and contemporary homes.

While wood is still widely used in different fencing applications, many homeowners have opted for vinyl for similar reasons to aluminum: ease of maintenance. Unsealed, wood fences can quickly deteriorate and become brittle. Wood can warp over time, it’s vulnerable to rot and insects, and it can produce splinters. Vinyl, on the other hand, is given its color during manufacturing and its maintenance requirements are minimal.

Vinyl fencing comes in a range of traditional and contemporary styles. A vinyl fence will create a timeless look and feel in your landscape. Vinyl can stand out as a prominent privacy fence or blend in just like a natural wood fence.

It is also surprisingly easy to install, if you choose vinyl fences from ActiveYards. Once the posts are set, the panels are snapped into place. A visit to the showroom can help you choose the right fencing materials for your project.


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