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Here’s How You Can Easily Install a Kid-Friendly Aluminum Railing in Westchester County, NY

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Whether you’re a homeowner who is ready for a DIY project, you’re a busy professional who would prefer to have a contractor take care of the work for you, or you are a fence installer or contractor yourself, an aluminum railing is a great choice for decks in the Westchester County, NY, area. At first glance, the stunning appearance of aluminum railings may make them seem as if they are complicated to install. However, it’s fairly easy to install these aluminum railings.

Here’s How You Can Easily Install a Kid-Friendly Aluminum Railing in Westchester County, NY

ActiveYards Aluminum Railing Systems

ActiveYards manufactures an easy-to-install aluminum railing system that will make the process simple and fast. Plus, they are durable, come with a lifetime warranty, are low-maintenance, and are just as beautiful as they are functional. They offer a rail and stair kit, so you have all the components you need for your deck; plus, they are considered to be a kid-friendly option.

The aluminum railing systems utilize Corigin technology, which is a construction system that connects each picket to the rails from the inside out. It’s a screwless system that produces long-lasting, stronger, and better-looking rails without exposed screws to take away from their beauty. SolarGuard technology ensures that the matte black, white, or matte pewter finish that you choose is protected from harmful sun rays and retains its color.

You can enjoy peace of mind with an ActiveYards aluminum railing system, knowing that there is a barrier to help prevent anyone from falling off the side of your deck. It’s easy for accidents to happen, and a strong and high-quality railing is essential. They are especially helpful on deck stairs so that you, your family, and your guests have a railing to hold onto to steady yourselves when you are climbing or descending the deck stairs. These can also help prevent trips and falls on the stairs.

There are numerous possibilities for creating a unique style and look for your ActiveYards aluminum railing system. You may choose to combine a couple of finish options for a dual-tone look. For example, you might choose white railings (the horizontal components) and matte black pickets (the vertical spindles) or matte pewter railings with white pickets. If you need ideas, you can view an ActiveYards brochure.

If you visit our showroom, you can see the ActiveYards products in person, which may help you decide on which color and style of railing system you prefer. Being able to see and touch the products in person allows you to experience this high-quality product, so you can feel confident in your purchase. Employees at our showroom are knowledgeable and can offer advice on style options and help with installation questions.

Hire a Local Fence Installer

If you’re a homeowner, you may choose to hire a local fence installer to take care of the project from start to finish—making the entire process that much easier for you. These contractors can visit your property, take measurements, order the aluminum railing system, and then install it when it arrives. When you visit our showroom, we can also connect you with Jan Fence, our professional fence and railing installer.


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