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Did You Know That a Chain Link Fence Can Actually Add Privacy in Rockland County, NY?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

When you think of a chain link fence, you may not consider it a privacy fence. However, there are ways that a chain link fence can add privacy to your property in the Rockland County, NY, area.

Did You Know That a Chain Link Fence Can Actually Add Privacy in Rockland County, NY?

If you visit a local fencing store, a staff member can often provide excellent recommendations on how to convert your chain link fence to a privacy fence or options for installing a chain link fence that offers privacy. Here are some of the ways that you may be able to add privacy to your outdoor space by utilizing a chain link fence.

Permahedge Slats

While chain link fences aren’t typically considered to be a feature that adds beauty to a landscape, they can be when you add permahedge slats. Permahedge slats are designed to resemble a privacy hedge. They are faux greenery slats that weave in and out of the chain links, creating privacy.

With this feature, you can select whichever chain link fence you prefer (vinyl coated, galvanized, or welded wire) and then weave the permahedge slats through the chain links. It provides a natural look and can add character to your outdoor space.

Top Lock Slats

Top lock slats are installed by weaving them through the chain links also. While there are a series of vertically installed slats, a horizontally installed slat slides through an opening near the top of each vertical slat, helping lock the slats into place.

Top lock slats are often available in a variety of colors, including brown, black, green, white, and tan. These create a look that is semi-private, adding privacy but still allowing for some visibility to the other side of the chain link fence.

Winged Privacy Slats

If you are looking for a full-privacy option for a chain link fence, you may want to consider adding winged privacy slats. These are installed by weaving the slats through the links vertically, but the sides of each slat feature wings that help cover the spaces between each slat, creating full privacy.

Winged privacy slats are often available in numerous colors, including brown, black, green, white, and tan. You will likely be able to find slats that match or complement the surroundings of your outdoor space so that you can achieve your desired aesthetic.

Turn to Nature

If you prefer a natural look for your outdoor living area or space, you may want to consider planting fast-growing vines or other foliage. While this option may take some time to get established, the plantings can add privacy and improve the overall aesthetic.

Another natural option is to install bamboo rolls along the chain link fence. Essentially, this covers one side of the chain link fence and creates full-to-semi-privacy. This option helps add character and style to your space.

There are also artificial hedge rolls available that can help add privacy. These are rolls of faux greenery that are unrolled and attached to the chain link fence. They create a natural look that offers varying amounts of privacy. One benefit to using artificial hedge rolls or even the permahedge slats is that you don’t have to worry about the foliage dying or changing colors—they’ll stay vibrantly green all year long.


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