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Is Vinyl the Best Material for a DIY Fence Project in Union County and Morris County, NJ?

One of the first decisions involved in fence building is making a choice in the material. With the various materials available, it may be hard to decide which one is the best for your project. Depending on the type of fence you want, the choice could be fairly obvious, or you could achieve the same effect with a variety of materials. This article will answer the question: Is vinyl the best material for a DIY fence project in Union County and Morris County, NJ?

Is Vinyl the Best Material for a DIY Fence Project in Union County and Morris County, NJ?

Fencing Materials

Four main types of fencing are available for residential use. Let’s go through some of the applications as well as the pros and cons of each type of fence:

  • Chain link: One of the most commonly used fence materials for pet containment and backyard security, chain link is also one of the cheapest, strongest, and most durable fence materials. However, chain link is viewed as doing much to improve the aesthetics of a landscape. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing privacy or pet containment fence suitable for both the front yard and backyard, you probably want to opt for vinyl.

  • Wood: Wood fences are another very common fencing material. Wood is versatile and it makes a great privacy, farm, or decorative fence. However, wood is very high maintenance. It needs to be stained and painted every few years, and it has a tendency to warp and split. For both privacy and decorative applications, vinyl offers a low-maintenance option that only requires periodic cleaning. It is also splinter-free and won’t warp or shrink.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum has effectively replaced wrought iron thanks to its low maintenance, light weight, durability, and aesthetics. Aluminum fences can look almost invisible at a distance and are excellent at providing security and pet containment. However, aluminum fences are not effective privacy fences. A vinyl privacy fence does an excellent job at creating privacy as well as security.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl may be viewed making the biggest waves in the fence industry. In many ways, it’s the most versatile material. Vinyl can be used for privacy, farm use, decorative fencing, privacy, and pet containment. Vinyl does not deteriorate and does not need any maintenance other than cleaning. There are a huge variety of styles of vinyl fencing to choose from, to pair with rustic, cottage, mid-century modern, contemporary, historical, or even ultra-modern homes.

What About Fence Installation?

Vinyl fences are incredibly simple to install, if you use the ActiveYards system that uses prefabricated fence panels that simply snap into place on the posts (no more lining up posts, rails, and pickets, for faster and more secure installation).

Choosing Your Fence Style

One of the DIY vinyl fence options from MyFence&Railings2Go includes the Dogwood. With vertical slats and a large surface area, Dogwood vinyl makes a fantastic privacy fence. When choosing a Dogwood fence, there are several variations all based on the main aesthetic and style of your landscape and home. You can choose caps, posts, and rails that follow a traditional or modern design. The right combination of Dogwood vinyl materials will make an incredible multi-purpose fence for your landscape that offers privacy, security, pet containment.

Be sure to check out the other DIY vinyl fence variations available. We’re always ready to help you weigh the choices and make your final decision!


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