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Searching “Fence Store Near Me?” Here’s How We Can Help in Union County, NJ

If you do a quick Google search for “fence store near me” in the Union County, NJ, area, you’ll likely find a long list of companies that may be able to help you with your fencing needs. It can be difficult to know which company to choose, however, for your fence installation. In addition to looking for a company close by, you will also want to look for premier quality products and excellent customer service, as well as experience with a wide range of customers, including professional contractors and homeowners. Here are some of the many ways that we can help you with your fencing needs.

Searching “Fence Store Near Me?” Here’s How We Can Help in Union County, NJ

See and Touch Products at the Showroom

Being able to see and touch the fence that you’re interested in can help you make a decision. Sometimes being able to see a product in person can change your opinion of it, rather than just seeing a photo of it. At our showroom, you can see samples of ActiveYards vinyl fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences, and wooden fences in a variety of colors and finishes. You can also see the various styles and finishes of fence hardware. We also have literature available that you can take home with you as you consider your options. You can visit our showroom as many times as you need to as you make your design and style choices.

Everything Needed to Install Fences

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all of your fence needs. You can get railings, fencing, fence gates, trellises, and arbors. In addition, we can make recommendations on all of the materials and tools needed to get the job done. From wheelbarrows to concrete mixes, hammers to shovels, and pliers to gloves, we have everything you will need for your fence project. Not sure what you could possibly need for your fence installation project? Our employees have plenty of experience in the fencing space and can provide expert advice on exactly what you need for your project—so that you do not get stuck running back and forth for materials and tools once the project begins.

One-on-One Help from Fencing Professionals

One of the many things that sets My Fence & Railings 2 Go apart from your average big box store is that we have fencing professionals on staff to help answer your questions and make recommendations. We offer one-on-one support to guide you through the process, from planning a fence to selecting and purchasing materials to your installation questions—we have you covered. We can guide you along every step of the way with our comprehensive services and expertise.

Finding a Professional Contractor

If you’re a homeowner or a business owner who has more than a fence on your to-do list, we can also make recommendations and referrals to professional contractors who can help you with other areas of your landscape, whether it’s for a residential area or a commercial property. And if you decide that you would rather not take on the fence installation yourself, we can help with that, too.


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