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The Benefits of a Chain Link Fence for a Large Backyard in Pequannock and Hunterdon County, NJ

The chain link fence is one of the most common fences and for good reason: It is sturdy and long-lasting, which makes it an ideal backyard fence for some homes. Chain link is an effective way to secure even a large backyard, and it can be done by a DIY homeowner with minimal support. To get started with your DIY chain link fence, here are the benefits of a chain link fence for a large backyard in Pequannock and Hunterdon County, NJ.

The Benefits of a Chain Link Fence for a Large Backyard in Pequannock and Hunterdon County, NJ

The Least Expensive Fencing Material

Chain link is often considered the least expensive fencing material for securing a backyard. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and other fencing materials tend to be a more expensive commitment, either upfront or with ongoing maintenance requirements. The steel used in the construction of a chain link fence is galvanized to last for an incredibly long time and then woven to create a strong, flexible mesh that’s more durable than rigid fencing.

An Unexpected Variety

Despite the basic construction of chain link fences, there are actually many ways to make yours special for your landscape. With an unexpected variety of patterns, densities, colors, pillar caps, gates, coverings, and more, a chain link fence can go beyond just the basic look. Be sure to check out the ways a chain link fence can expand the possibilities of your backyard.

Virtually No Upkeep

Chain link fences are designed to last for generations and, unlike wood or wrought iron fences, do not require routine maintenance over the years. Chain link isn’t prone to the rust that wrought iron develops without consistent painting every few years. In normal circumstances, you won’t ever need to worry about the upkeep of your chain link fence.

Near Invisibility

At a distance, the main surface area of chain link fences can look almost invisible. The small amount of steel used to create such a strong fence allows lots of light to pass through. When viewed from across the landscape, the chain link fence will be about as unobtrusive as any barrier you could install around a large backyard.

Straightforward Installation

Chain link fences begin their installation like every other fence, by digging and filling post holes and installing the posts. Chain link comes in rolls of varying heights and lengths. After the rails are attached to the posts, the chain link is unrolled and attached to the posts and rails. As opposed to other fencing materials, there are very few steps to building a long-lasting fence for your property.

Damage Resistance

One of the biggest threats to the integrity of a fence is weather-related damage. Strong gusts of wind may topple even the strongest fences as they try to withstand the incredible pressure. Snow may also harm those fences as massive drifts pile up during a blizzard. And sometimes, tree limbs or even whole trees can fall on a fence and destroy it. Chain link is considered more resilient than other types of fencing when it comes to falling hazards, and is impervious to wind and snow.

Quick Replacement

Chain link fencing is relatively easy to replace should it be damaged. It can be installed without dismantling the remainder of the fence, and small sections may be replaced in case of damage, so you don’t need to worry about the future of your fence and property.


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