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Vinyl Fence vs. Vinyl Railing: When to Make the Choice in the Bergen County, NJ, Area

Choosing between vinyl fencing and vinyl railing for your Bergen County, NJ, property can be tough—after all, you want to love the end result since you will have it for a long time. Vinyl has become an extremely popular material due to its low maintenance requirements and long-lasting surface. These tips can help you choose when to use fencing and when to use railing for your outdoor project.

Vinyl Fence vs. Vinyl Railing: When to Make the Choice in the Bergen County, NJ, Area

Vinyl Fencing Facts

If you love the iconic white fence with pickets but don’t want to paint a fence every year, then vinyl could be the right choice for your outdoor project.

Vinyl fences are manufactured of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. Modern vinyl fencing looks real and even includes a texture that mimics natural wood. While you might have had a wood fence previously in your yard, vinyl fences won’t rot, decompose, or warp, all possibilities with a wood fence.

The unique characteristics of vinyl fencing materials ensure that it will look as attractive after several years as it did at the initial installation. Depending on where you plan to place the fencing and the function you want it to serve, a vinyl fence can be an excellent choice for privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Since this fence material is available in multiple heights and styles, there is one that can accomplish what you desire in your outdoor project. From the classic picket look of Primrose fencing to the modern aesthetic of Fusion fencing, you can be sure to find a vinyl fence style that suits your landscape.

With gates to allow for access into and out of the fenced space, your fencing needs are covered.

Vinyl Railing Facts

Keeping your kids and dogs safe on a deck or another elevated space can be a high priority. Other factors that can influence the railing choice can be privacy and your budget. This is where vinyl railing can deliver beauty, longevity, and durability along with all the other benefits that can sway your choice.

While vinyl railing is not a heavy selection like wrought iron, it does offer a maintenance-free option that won’t rot, peel, decay, or lose its color over time. You will not have to paint this railing type, and cleaning is a breeze with a hose, gentle soap, and a small scrub brush.

When you add decorative elements like finials on the railing posts and attractive caps, a vinyl railing can lend a pleasing appearance to the deck or area where you need the protection of a rail.

In white, black, and natural wood-tone selections, vinyl rails can work with just about any home style and landscape space. They come in sleek modern pickets and classic rails that can mix with contrasting pickets in another color for a compelling aesthetic that needs no staining or painting—ever.

As sturdy as wood or metal railing, you can lean on vinyl rails like you would any other material and feel confident it won’t bend or move.

You will likely be delighted at how much beauty and longevity vinyl fence and railing materials can bring to your landscape design. Whether you need a privacy fence or railing to correspond with your contemporary home, there is a style that will work perfectly for any application.


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