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What Fencing Materials Are Available for Contractors in Hunterdon County and Morris County NJ, Areas

The process of installing a new fence around your property is an exciting time as you envision the final result. However, one of the biggest choices involves materials. The characteristics of some materials overlap, so let the pros guide you. What fencing materials are available for contractors in Hunterdon County and Morris County, NJ, areas? Let’s take a look starting with the least expensive option.

What Fencing Materials Are Available for Contractors in Hunterdon County and Morris County NJ, Areas

Chain Link

Security, pet containment, and safety around a pool, playground or sport court are the main reasons homeowners and commercial property owners choose chain link. While it’s not considered the most elegant option, it’s incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. With a few embellishments such as faux foliage, you can use a chain link fence in more applications than just in the backyard.


Wood is of course mankind’s original fencing material, and it’s just as popular today thanks to its unique characteristics. No other material gives you the unique grain patterns and knots that make each piece of wood completely unique.

Wood is the highest-maintenance fencing material, however. It requires regular sealing or painting, typically every one to five years depending on the species of wood used, whether you want it to acquire a weathered patina, and whether the fence is in direct sunlight or exposed to a lot of moisture. Wood fencing is used for privacy fencing, livestock fencing, and decorative fencing. Adding a wire field fence will make it suitable for pets and kids, too. If you’re willing to put in the work to maintain it, a wood fence will give your home a warm, rustic charm.


Vinyl is becoming more popular for residential and commercial applications due to its wood-like appearance, low maintenance, and versatility. Vinyl fencing can be used in all applications where wood is a good choice. This includes privacy as well as decorative and even farm applications. Vinyl never needs staining or painting which makes it an attractive choice for busy homeowners. Many available styles—including two-toned options—make vinyl fencing a great choice for nearly any design aesthetic. Vinyl fencing from ActiveYards can be much quicker to install than wood fencing thanks to click-in-place technology that ensures not only perfect placement (and quickly) but also security (no nails coming loose). The only downside to vinyl fencing is that it’s often the most expensive option. However, given the appearance, longevity, and ease of maintenance, it’s a popular choice.


If you love the look of classic wrought iron—but don’t want to bother with the ongoing maintenance—it’s hard to beat aluminum as a solid alternative. Aluminum fencing is lightweight and durable, and this powder-coated fencing material never needs maintenance. It comes in many styles from traditional and ornate, to sleek modern minimalist. One of the most appealing features of aluminum fencing is that it provides security for a home or business, without blocking the view. A black or dark gray aluminum fence visually blends into the surroundings for an unobtrusive look.

Aluminum fencing tends to be used in place of chain link for property security, pool safety, and pet containment in areas where aesthetics are important. It is an elegant solution that beautifies the property. Aluminum fencing is often less expensive than vinyl fencing, and can last many decades.

Which material is best for your fencing project? Consult with a professional fencing company or fence supplier to help you make the right choice, depending on your aesthetic and practical needs.


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